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A little news...

If I seem a little quiet lately or haven't been posting as much as you're used to, I've been a little busy. The family and I have decided that by either the end of this year or Spring of 2013, we will be moving out of the city. We have decided to move to Tyler, Texas, which is about 2 1/2 hours Northeast of were we're currently living. So we've been pretty much getting any information about Tyler that we can get our hands on.

We're super excited because this Spring, we will be taking a trip to visit just to make sure that it is where we want to restart our lives. We took a little "tour" via Google Maps and even took screenshots of some places. Trust me, it's not a major town like Dallas or Houston, but I think it'll fit us just fine!

This is a screenshot of one of their many free Rose Gardens! Pretty, huh?
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Shaklee Review

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Teddy Bears & Chocolate, Oh My!

I was at Walmart this morning and the minute I walked in, I was bombarded by teddy bears, chocolate, and pink little heart napkins. As I was wondering if spending $50 on Valentine's Day was really worth it. Of course, I'm single but when I wasn't, I would easily spend $25 on my beau but now as I get older, I have come up with ways to show that you love someone without spending $15 on a teddy bear and $5 on chocolate.

Instead of a dozen roses that will die within a few days, why not get them a coupon book? And I don't mean coupons that you use at the store. I mean those Valentine's Day coupon books that have coupons like "A massage after a hard day" or "Date night at restaurant of your choice". It's much more meaningful and with a lot of printable Valentine's Day coupons out there, you can personalize them!

If you must get them a teddy bear and chocolate, try finding one of those "combination" bears that have the teddy bear holding a basket of chocolate. They still get the cherish the bear while using the basket for something like pens or even potpourri. I saw some cute ones at Walmart for $5-$10!

Opt for personalized! You can spend all day driving across town to find that perfect Valentine's Day card and within a few weeks, it'll just probably end up in a drawer. But if you get them a personalized card, they will probably put it in a photo album because it was personalized by you! One website I use frequently is Cardstore. You can add photos, your own signature, you're own message, and ship it to them! If you have a lot of pictures of you and your sweetie, create a Mixbook! You can create your own photo album book in various sizes. You can personalize the front, add notes, and add stickers that make it your own.

If you have no clue what to get your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) but love them with all your heart, do something to show that you care without spending money! Make them breakfast, volunteer to watch the kids while they have a girls' night out, or make them a home cooked meal so they don't have to do it!

You can have a great Valentine's Day without spending tons of money.
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Coupon Flash Giveaway!

Well, we tried out first Flash Giveaway yesterday but sadly, no one entered. So we're gonna try again tonight!

Once again, we're offering some great coupons as prizes!

One (1) person is gonna win the following:

  • 3 Huggies codes
  • 2 Enfamil formula "checks"
  • 6 Beechnut coupons
  • $6 OFF any $15 Pampers
I know it's not a lot but I wanna thank Amanda G. for generously donating the prize!

The giveaway will run for 1 hour starting at 8 pm CST and ending at 9 pm CST. At 9:01, we'll choose a winner and the winner has 24 hours to reply to the winning e-mail or a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Shy Blakeman- Free download!

Courtesy of

I grew up on country music and when I get to find out about new artists, I get super excited! One morning, I signed into Twitter to find Shy Blakeman following me! I love his music. It has a bluesy feel to it but its raw country at its best! My favorite song? Don't It Make You Wanna Dance!

And guess what? You can download his album for FREE!

You can find Shy Blakeman on Facebook and Twitter

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Save 25% at Cardstore!

Enter the code MCSP25Q1 at checkout to save 25% on your order. The Code is valid until 4/30/2012.
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Sparkle-Plenty Giveaway

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Sorry for the Silence!

I want to apologize for not posting regularly like you're used to seeing. Something happened in the family that I have to help take care of so I've been focusing most of my energy on that. If anyone could send a prayer or positive thought this way, we would greatly appreciate it! It seems my family has been plagued with bad luck lately, so we're trying to get rid of it in any way possible.

We have a giveaway coming up on Tuesday for something really nice! And we have a few product reviews coming up next week as well so I hope you're ready!
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Take A Stand!

I'm sure by now that you have heard of SOPA. If not, is bill that will forever ruin the Internet as we know it. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is an act that if any copyright holder to any image (or video, for that matter) just claims that a website/blog/page has their copyright material, the government can shut down that website. That means that blogs like this one will no longer be able to review products, hold giveaways, or even share deals with you. Social networks like Facebook will be shut down because people that now share those I Can Has Chesseburger photos will be holding "copyright" material on there. The government would be able to require that search engines not link to sites that were claimed to have copyright material and internet providers block those sites.

To do your part (sign a petition, send a message to Congress or The Senate, or just let your readers know you don't stand for this), visit these:
Google- End Piracy, Not Liberty

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A String & A Kitten

That little sleeping beauty is Goldie (short for Goldilocks) and is the kitten of my 8-year-old tortoiseshell, Smokie. While Goldie is a pretty active little ball of energy, she did something today that not only had my laughing until my sides hurt, it also left me a little... baffled.

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Free CardStore card!

I am loving these free cards! I was able to get a free Valentine's Day card for Twin and Mom! To get your FREE card, enter the code FREECARD121 when checking out.

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Health Magazine for $8!

You can now get Health magazine for only $8! That's a saving of 80% off the cover price!

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Valentine's Day Event!

After talking to Twin and spending some time thinking, I have decided that instead of individual giveaways for Valentine's Day, I will hold one major giveaway!

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$5,000 Rubbermaid contest!

I'll be the first one to admit that I am not the best organizer. In fact, I usually have to ask someone where something is because I have no clue. I could definitely use $5,000 worth of organization help! Could you?

Well, you can enter Rubbermaid's "Give the Gift of Organization" contest to win a $5,000
organization makeover as well as time with a professional organizer! Visit Rubbermaid's website to find out how to enter!
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Trilight Health Review

My family and I are major herbal lovers. We use herbs for almost every ailment that doesn’t require a doctor visit or over-the-counter. We use herbs for upset stomachs, immune boosting, and even relaxing nerves. Mom also uses it for her Meniere’s disease when over-the-counter medications aren’t working.

Trilight Health offers liquid herbal remedies for just about anything! A great thing about their products is that they contain no alcohol! That means it is safe for those who can’t have anything with alcohol in it and it is safe for children. They’re products are all natural and contain about 100% herbal plants
For those who want to find herbal remedies that pertain to men’s health issues, take a look through their section dedicated to Men’s Health! Worried that your husband/son/spouse isn’t taking care of his joints when they play sports? Pick up a bottle of Joint Care Formula! It is great for inflammation as well as blood and liver cleansing actions.

Taking over-the-counter medications while being pregnant can be risky, especially if the doctor hasn’t given you a definite “yes” or “no” when it comes to those. They have a line of Pregnancy-safe formulas that are perfectly safe to take while pregnant and after giving birth. They even have a Morning Soothe formula, which is great for those bouts of morning sickness.

Another tricky thing to watch out for is children's over-the-counter medications. We sometimes don’t really know what’s in the medicines, right? Well, why not try out Trilight Health’s children-safe formulas? With formulas such Hear No Evil (for ear infections) or Anti-Dia Tribe (for diarrhea) that perfectly safe for your children to take, you can be sure that your child will feel better without all those harsh ingredients!

Since it’s cold & flu season, you want a medicine that’s gonna work without you feeling all groggy. You have things to do and the last thing you need is a medicine that’s gonna make you fall asleep while you’re planning your weekend. Thanks to Trilight Health’s Cold & Flu section, you can take medicine without feeling like you’ve been run over with a truck!

Prices vary, depending on size and product. You can purchase the reviewed product (8oz) for $39.95.

I was able to review the Echinacea & Thyme formula. I was a little nervous at first because I’m one of those people that stick to a particular medicine that works and get a little nervous if I stray. But because I have a terrible immune system, I wanted something that will boost my immune system to keep from getting sick all the time. 

 The Echinacea & Thyme formula is supposed to boost the immune system while supports the lungs, ears, and nervous system. Since I have asthma, it’s hard to find an herbal product that will help that issue as well. I have to say that it does what it says it does! I haven’t had any major lung issues and haven’t come down with a cold (or flu)- yet! 

I’m not a big fan of the taste. It does have a sweet taste at first but then it sort of tastes like cough medicine when you take it by itself. You can taste each herb, like the Echinacea and Thyme. I have no idea what Elderberries taste like but I assume that’s what I also taste in the product. In its defense, I will say that it tastes much better when mixed with water.  It’s not as strong or concentrated. 

I’m so glad I came across it because I will continue to use this to keep building my immune system!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE 8oz bottle from Trilight Health to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
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Coupon Jackpot!

As I've said in previous posts, we are going to starting using coupons a little more this year. Even though Twin is a newbie like me, she tends to find all the good coupons! (Mental note: Steal Twin's coupon secret. Just kidding!)

Yesterday when I went to the get the mail, I noticed that it was stuffed with tons of white envelopes. I thought they were either her coupons from MyCokeRewards or candy coupons that she is expecting. They were actually coupons for items we use everyday. And much to my surprise, it was about $15 worth of coupons!

Now I know why using coupons is exciting! The next step would be to get a coupon organizer. Are there any coupon organizers that are easy to use for new couponers?
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Mastering the Art of Feeling Good Review

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good will help you understand accountability and celebrate your power and the power of One. It will assist in directing positive change to empower you with the mastery of your own inner feelings of peace, joy, and satisfaction that will directly result in also experiencing your desires and life dreams of the physical realm.

What I Thought
I usually don’t run to self-help books when I feel like I need to “find myself”. I used to think that books like those were full of baloney. But lately, I started thinking I was wrong in that assessment.  When this book came, I was in the mindset that our family wasn’t good enough to be happy or didn’t deserve a better life. I thought some great cosmic force was working against us when in reality, we were working against ourselves. We were sabotaging our own happiness by playing the “victim”. After a hard life, you get used to that frame of mind. Sure it has made me stronger, but you get tired of being strong. I learned that my family can’t be the “victim” any longer. We are magnificent, not only as individuals, but also as a unit! If we want a change, we have to work towards that change, whatever it may be, good or bad.

It is divided into three parts: Feeling Good 101- The Basics, Transition and Sustenance, and finally Mastery. 

Part 1 is a basic rundown of how to feel good outside as well as inside. You learn how to enjoy this moment in life. Not yesterday and not within an hour. How you feel at this moment, on this day, at this time. You might be feeling stress due to financial situations or something else. It’s okay to have these feelings because it’s human nature but don’t hold onto them. They don’t serve a good purpose and as we all know, can make you physically sick. Allow them to exist for a moment then push them out. 

Part 2 is probably one of my favorite parts. It talks about the power of passion, desire, and choice. You have the choice to choose your passion, desire, and destiny. Yep, you heard me- destiny! You are responsible for you (and you’re kids, of course!). You have the power to change what you want out of life, even if you have to ask for help, gain more knowledge, or look in a different direction.

Part 3 is mostly about the consequences of your choices and realizing your success. A lot of people don’t realize that when they give up on something (like working towards a degree or even a successful blog!) , they were so close to success! Keep going until you reach what you’re working for.

I promise that you will learn a lot about yourself. I sure did!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE copy of Mastering the Art of Feeling Good by Wendy Kay to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
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The Monday Blues!

It is official: I am not a fan of Mondays! Not only does it remind me that my weekend is over, it tells me that I have to wait another week until I get to smell the sweetness of Saturday.

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MrChewy Giveaway!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but pet supplies have gotten so expensive over the last few years. I know when we pick up cat food, I have sticker shock. Our local store has 16 pound bags of Friskies for around $20 or more! It lasts us a while, but when you’re trying to stock up so you don’t have to buy it for a month or two, it can get expensive!

MrChewy delivers the best prices I’ve seen without going to the pet store or going through a shopping website to get deals. So you cut out the middle man and get the prices you deserve with thousands of pet supplies including dog/cat food and treats, along with flea and tick medications. So why drive all the way to the pet store to get that bag of dog food at their prices when you get it in the comfort of your own home?

You can get popular brands like Blue Buffalo, Friskies, Royal Canin, Ceasar, and even Science Diet! But you can also get competitive prices on Frontline Flea & Tick.

Subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery of your favorite products. Just choose when you want it delivered again and it’ll be charged to your credit card but you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-ordering it!

Also, they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $49 or more! That means more money in your pocket and more food for your fur baby!

They have 70+ brands of pet food and pet items with prices varying. Enter the code ANGE5441 to get 10% off your first order!

Well, I had the option of doing a review or a giveaway. Sure we could use the pet food (like everybody else), but since ya’ll had given me a great 2011, I wanted to give something back!

So guess what? Thanks to the great folks from MrChewy, one (1) winner will receive a $50 gift card to MrChewy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I was NOT compensated for this giveaway nor did I receive an item to review.
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Hair dye January

It must be Hair dye Month in the Edge of Insanity home! As you recall about a week ago, I dyed my hair using the John Frieda Precision Hair Foam, right? Of course it didn't come out as I expected because I forgot that dark hair plus semi-dark red hair color equals a chestnut brown.

Anyways, Twin has decided that she will be dyeing her hair today! But what I find kinda funny is that she chose a color similar to my current hair color! She has decided that she wants her color to be Medium Golden Chestnut Brown. We have used Revlon ColorSilk for years and not to mention that you can get 2 boxes for about $6 at Walgreens. Since hair color is pretty expensive, we consider it a great deal!

Maybe this week I'll take a picture of the two of us together and you can see how similar we will look with our same color hair!
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Sneakpeeq Giveaway!

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Another FREE card!

Once again, Cardstore is offering a FREE greeting card to the first 10,000 to request one. You can use it for any card up to a $6 value. Enter the code CSTHANKS112 when checking out. Be sure to send it to yourself to make it 100% free!

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YogaTailor- 6-months for $24!

I've always wanted to try yoga but having arthritis can make it difficult. But I have decided that this year, I will work through the pain and at least master a few moves without seriously hurting myself.
Anyways, you can now get 6-months of streaming custom yoga videos for $24! Originally $48, that is an automatic $50% savings! So if you want to practice yoga without trying to find books that fit your style or videos that are more for experts than beginners, YogaTailor would be great! -Via Mamapedia
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Purex Triple Action Review

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Jillian Michael's Fitness Program for $39

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FREE ALERT: Free Greeting Card!

This is a GREAT freebie if you want to get your Valentine's Day cards outta the way! CardStore is offering a FREE greeting card! Choose your card, personalize it any way you want, then when you check out, enter the code MCSFREE112. To make it 100% free, opt in to send it to yourself otherwise you'll end up paying the shipping. I personally chose a funny card for Twin!

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FREE ALERT: Benjamin Moore Paint Samples

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A New Year's Resolution

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2012! I have a feeling that it's gonna be a great and exciting year so hold on tight!

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