Mar 26, 2017

How my sister beat #Anxiety (sort of)

It's been a while since we last talked about anxiety. To be honest, there hasn't been much to tell. My sister's anxiety hasn't been high for a while, and there's a good reason - she doesn't have much anxiety anymore!

If you don't know the history behind my sister's anxiety, she posted about her experience back in 2013 and we've have dived heavily into this mental illness in the past.

Now, anxiety and mental illness like anxiety never completely go away, or at least they don't for most. It's always with them, and even if they're doing well (on medicine, therapy, etc.), it will only take one incident to bring it back full-force. However, my sister has finally found something that has actually allowed her to live her life almost anxiety-free. (Like I said, it's always there.)

When I started running, my sister decided one day to start running with me. She noticed that when she walked/ran with me, her body would relax enough to where she didn't have to worry about anything, but her anxiety was still prevalent. As I started to add tough workouts to my training, she wanted to join me on that as well.

As time went on, her anxiety was no longer a main part of her life. It was like it was on the back-burner finally. So how did it happen so quickly?

She put her heart and soul into losing weight and working out (and fishing) with me that she was able to allow her mind to start focusing on other things than "what could go wrong". There are moments when something would happen and her anxiety would skyrocket, but those moments are very rare, almost once a month, if not less.

She's become more confident and is able to be more social with others, especially my friend, Leigh. She's never given him a hug before and one night when we ran into him at Walmart, she gave him a hug before we left, which surprised both him and me! She talked to him the night the three of us went out for ice cream and she ended up having a lot of fun! (Though I think she was baffled by his personality, which I'm used to. LOL)

It is possible to live a life with anxiety, and it's also possible to get to where anxiety doesn't rule your life. It just takes faith.
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Mar 23, 2017

Hey, It's Okay!

Life has a funny way of testing your patience and resistance to temptation, only because it's trying to teach you something. I might have failed in some areas this time!

It's really okay...

... If you partner up with someone you dated over a decade ago (but are now friends) because you both have a great passion for photography (even though I don't have a camera) and you genuinely want him to realize his full potential and help him reach his dream. That's what friends are for right?

... To not be amused for a moment when a Sheriff's Officer tries to lighten the mood in an emergency room, only to find it hilarious hours later. (My sister ended up in the emergency room one night. And she had died her hair red a week or two earlier, and apparently some of the dye rubbed off on the sheet. So while they took her to do testing, a Sheriff's officer walks in, clicks his pen, and says "I'm here to do a report on the blood. Wasn't there a head injury?", gesturing to the sheet. My eyes widened and then he smiles and says, "I'm just joking. I'm just messing with you."... No words.)

... To feel sexy in new glasses. I got new glasses (look for a post about them soon) and I haven't had glasses in over 10 years and I got a new style that I would have never chosen back then. Not only can I see better, I think they make me look more sophisticated and not quite as nerdy, considering I actually had to tape my old glasses just so I could wear them.

... To eat chocolate chips right out of the bag just because it's chocolate and get excited over free ice cream cones. (Leigh, a guy I had dated this past summer but ended up being friends with took me and Twin out for Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Dairy Queen one night and then I found a bag of chocolate chips in the freezer the next day. I couldn't resist having some. What diet?)

So, question - how did your week go?
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Mar 21, 2017

@EarZings - an alternative to pierced ears!

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received a FREE pair of Earzings to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

I don't have pierced ears. Not because I'm afraid of needles or against having pierced ears. But I have always wanted to look of having pierced ears without going through the process.

EarZings are a great alternative to pierced ears, clip-ons, and magnetic earrings. With a patent-pending technology, you essentially just slide the earrings on. It's also great for girls whose friends have pierced ears but don't have pierced ears themselves but want that "pierced ears" look.

So how do EarZings work? It is a patent coil design for a painless earring-wearing experience - without the pain of going through a piercing. In fact, they are easy to put on! (You can also watch a how-to video here.)

They have a lot of wonderful styles available for girls ages 5+ to even styles women will love. I mean, just check out these cute Hootie EarZings! Teens and tweens who love owls will love these. They're adorable!

Shown: Papillon & Hootie

My personal favorite is the Starlet, which are twinkly silver stars that would be perfect for date night or even the holidays.

If you like the look of dangle earrings, EarZings also has Dangles Attachments (sold separately, which you slide onto your EarZings for an enhanced look for your EarZings. The Irish girl in me is loving the emerald green Capri Peridot Dangles!

For those looking for gift ideas, you can also get gift sets including a pair of EarZings and a matching necklace in different styles.

Be sure to follow EarZings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

You can purchase Ahoy EarZings for $15. EarZings are also sold at specialty shops. Use their store locator to see if it's available in your area.


Like I said, I don't have pierced ears but I've always wanted that look without going through the whole process of getting my ears pierced. I couldn't wait to try out EarZings!

At first glance, my Ahoy EarZings were a beautiful blue. I was kind of intimidated on how to use them, but after a few minutes of figuring it out, I successfully put them on. The great thing about these is that I could hardly feel them! Seriously, I forgot I was wearing them. After putting them on a few times over the next following week or so, it was a breeze to put them on and where to place them.

I know it's a bit blurry but this is how they look from the side.
I've had a lot of fun finding what outfits and hairstyles they go with. I noticed that they look amazing in a black shirt (like the one I'm wearing in the picture above) and a ponytail. It looks so classic! My friend, who knows I don't have pierced ears, said I looked like I was ready for a date. 

I can't wait to see  how they look with different clothes and hairstyles. I'm thinking an up-do with a pretty dress or pantsuit for the holidays... Or that date.

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Mar 15, 2017

@Chewy March Unboxing!

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received FREE items to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

My kitties are spoiled, well, somewhat. They get attention whenever they want it, and will get fresh food/water several times a day, even when I know their food is only a couple of hours old.

If you haven't met the "brood", here is the rundown:

  • Brother - a 8 year old Siamese male who is definitely the "big man on campus".
  • Sister - an 8 year old Siamese female (sibling to Brother), and she is just like Brother - thinks she's the queen of the land.
  • Cheeto - a 6 year old orange Tabby who is weird. She won't eat if anyone is staring at her, and if she's eating canned food, you have to squish it around every few minutes. Weird, I know!
  • Munchkin - a 5 year old gray tabby who is loving and pretty much a "cat" cat. There's nothing really quirky about her. 

I think my cats were more excited than I was when the Chewy box arrived. If you haven't heard of, they are dedicated to everything about your furry loved ones! You can order your pet's favorite food, toys, treats, and even supplies and have it shipped directly to your door. And here's the kicker - order before 4pm ET and they'll ship it the same day!

You can also set up autoship! You don't have to worry about re-ordering the same thing each time you run out. You can skip shipments, and you can cancel anytime, essentially making it hassle-free. Believe it or not, you can also save 5-50% on every Autoship order of select brands, making it easier for you to save money.

So, who's ready to see our very first Chewy unboxing for March?

For our first time as a Chewy influencer, we received Iams ProActive Health Hairball Care Chicken Flavor Daily Cat Treats and 24 cans of Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-Free Canned Cat Food.

Munchkin - "Take the picture, human, and open the can already!"

I don't give my cats treats often, but as they start shedding their winter coats, I've noticed quite a few having hairballs and knowing the Iams ProActive treats helped with hairballs, I had no problem giving it to them. Brother and Cheeto loved them so much, they actually kept pushing each other out of the way to get to them. Glad there's plenty to go around!

As for the Taste of the Wild Canyon River canned food, that was reserved for Cheeto, since she is really picky about what she eats. Let's just say that I think she may be in love... with that canned food, of course. I couldn't get the can open quick enough before she was clawing at my hands to hurry.

Cheeto (between mouthfuls) - "You did good, human. More at 7pm on the dot."
And knowing that Taste of the Wild is grain-free, I don't have to worry about unnecessary bloat (which can be deadly for pets) and it gives her energy, which she doesn't need more of but as she gets older, she's showing signs of sleeping more that her mother, Smokie, did. Plus it's healthy - heck yeah!

I guess the furry destroyers love Chewy so much, Munchkin decided to claim the box as hers. Or maybe because it's a box.

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Mar 14, 2017

@LauraStoryMusic #OpenHands is filled with joy! #FlyBy {Giveaway}

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

I don't listen to Christian music very often. I used to listen to it a lot, but as I went soul searching, I realized that I enjoyed a different kind of music (metal, country, Epic Rap Battles of History, etc.) while staying strong to my Christian roots.

But every now and then, I find myself listening to Christian-themed songs and bands like old PlusOne, who, unfortunately is no longer together.

But for some reason, I knew I had to listen to Laura Story. Her music seemed much more different than the songs I grew up with, not mention her absolutely beautiful voice.

GRAMMY® award winning artist, speaker, songwriter, author and worship leader Laura Story has a gift for penning songs that connect with people all around the world. Year.” In 2011, Laura released her sophomore project Blessings. The album and the emotionally powerful title was inspired by her real life trials and adversities, primarily her husband Martin's diagnosis of a brain tumor. The album resonated with a huge audience and led to whirlwind career highlights for Laura, peaking at the No. 1 album spot for three consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Contemporary Christian Overall chart, topping the iTunes® Christian/Gospel Top Songs chart and holding the No. 1 spot for an impressive 28 consecutive weeks on the Christian charts.

I'm listening to "Open Hands" for a second time as I write this, and it's on the track Open Hands, featuring Mac Powell. This is such a powerful song! The line "I'm not afraid of what I lose. My greatest joy is finding you,". While I can't say something about this from a spiritual view, I can certainly tell you that I akin it to when I found myself. I knew I lost friends along the way but finding myself was more than I could have ever hoped for.

"Open Hands" is truly inspirational. If you're in a dark spot in your life, this will shed a little light into that darkness. Even if you're life is filled with joy and light, it will reaffirm it all. It's one of the most inspirational albums I've heard in such a long time.

My favorite track from the album is Whisper. It's hauntingly beautiful and the melody gave me chills. It brought tears to my eyes, honestly, which is difficult for songs to do.

Be sure to follow Laura Story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

You can purchase "Open Hands" on iTunes.

Thanks to FlyBy Promotions and Laura Story, one(1) winner will receive a copy of this amazing album, Open Hands! Enter below. Open to US. Good luck!

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