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#IceDragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies Special Event! #FlyBy

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Based on a short story by Canadian director and producer Bruce Stacey, this inspirational animated feature is about Melody, a gifted young dreamer and her feisty friend, Leif, who must set aside their differences and use the magical power of Blue Daisies and an ancient Song to save their world from an evil Ice Dragon. When the blue flowers that once bloomed around her village begin to disappear, Melody and her eccentric grandfather recognize this as a sign of great danger... but no one believes them. Racing against time, Melody must convince Leif and the other villagers before it's too late. It is the first of a planned trilogy.

This film features the voice talents of Rheal Rees (Melody), Justin Debé (Leif), and Bill Bray (Nicholai).

Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies debuts in U.S. theaters for two nights only: Saturday, March 24 at 12:55 p.m. and Monday, March 26 at 6:30 p.m.. (All times local.)

Fathom Events, Chelsea Road Productions and Tricord Media present this special event in more than 700 select movie theaters across the U.S.

To find a theater near you and purchase tickets, be sure to check out Fathom Events!
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Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition for Switch (SPOILERS)

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(Once again, much thanks to Leigh for the review!)

For those who don't already know SPOILER ALERT! Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about Darkest Dungeon. For this review I'm going to break it down into three different categories: Graphics, Storyline, and Gameplay.


Now as far as graphics go, you can definitely see the detail the designers put into the game, from the way the characters are unique in every class to the town which goes from dawn to dusk. While as for my self, I prefer a smoother 3D texture for my games, this does not at all take away from Darkest Dungeon. 

If you can get totally immersed into games like I do, then the sounds and visual effects make the game very eerie and suspenseful. They can make you feel like you are surrounded in this dark atmosphere and using your torches is not only to make the fights easier but also relieves some of the pressure. When you use your abilities or get attacked, you feel every curse, strike and shot from enemies. But also you feel the relief from your buffs and heals. For these reasons I give the graphics a 4.2 out of 5.


As far as storyline, it is as eerie and as dark as I can get out. I mean the first part of storyline that you ever hear is an old man telling you his tale and then committing suicide. Now I like to have a storyline that has its ups and downs to keep you interested in wanting to find the rest of it but for me, the progression is a little too slow. It gets you hooked in real quick and then kind of lingers on and it's quite some time before finding out more but when it does it again, it pulls you into the story and makes you want to continue. For this I give the storyline a 3.3 out of 5.


The game play, however, if you like difficult games that are very challenging and don't make it too easy for you to progress, this is the perfect game for you. Although I don't like the fact that I have to have several upon several different champions just to be able to play another mission, this is another part of the game that what makes it so intriguing.

While you can upgrade your Caravan in order to get better Heroes that start at higher levels, it's hard to upgrade because you have to run so many different missions just to get the items you need to upgrade it and that goes along with anything else in this town, which again, makes it challenging and that I like.

Each dungeon is very unique in its own way. The progression through the dungeon makes it even more interesting for you have to look for traps, which can be challenging, and you have to keep torches lit in order to see the traps and to make your fights a little easier; and by easier I mean you may surprise monsters when you fight them to make it easier to fight them but if you run out of torches, they may spot you first and get the first strike. But the positive side of doing that and letting that happen is that you get better Rewards.

Now the leveling system in which your characters level up is really a bit slow. I can play six to seven Dungeons and my characters will only be level 2. As far as using spells and abilities, they were great for me, some very weak but I know as it progressed, the spells got stronger and more useful. The fact that you get to upgrade everything in the town made it that more intriguing to keep doing dungeons, but in order to do that you have to have a lot of people because they can start losing health and when they do that you have to put them into a place like the bar or brothel or the cathedral so they can pray in order to relieve the stress that's put on them and heal up but again, that makes the game even more enticing. And based on this I would give the game play a 4.7 out of 5.

I recommend this game for anybody who likes the gruesome, the dangerous, and the eerie. However I would not recommend it for children for obvious reasons. I believe this game was well made well-planned and brilliantly designed and I think it would be a must have for RPG players.

FYI: Darkest Dungeon is digitally available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A physical edition for both consoles will be available in March. The physical copy, Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition will include The Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker expansions. (Keep an eye out here for more updates on the physical releases!)

If you're wanting to purchase Darkest Dungeon on PlayStation Network or Nintendo eShop (prices may vary), you can pick up gift cards at the following retailers:

GameStop PlayStation Network Nintendo eShop
Walmart PlayStation Network Nintendo eShop 
Best Buy PlayStation Network Nintendo eShop 
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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Car

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When it comes to owning a car, there are a lot of things that go into owning a car. You have to think about gas, insurance, and making sure that your car stays in tiptop shape, which includes maintenance on the car. But there are some things you can do yourself to keep your car running like it should. 

Here a few tips to keep in mind when maintaining your vehicle so you're not visiting the repair shop frequently.

Keep an eye on fluids.  This includes brake fluid, oil levels, washer fluid, coolant, and any other levels your car has or needs. Remember: If you're not sure what the correct level is, consult your car's manual.
  • Oil Change - Almost every vehicle requires an oil change every 3000-5000 miles. Not changing your oil can result in major mechanical problems - including a seized engine. (I speak from experience!! A new used vehicle only a year old became a paperweight.) You can check your oil levels while pumping gas!
  •  Brake fluid - It is important to keep your brakes in working order. The brake fluid serves as a lubricant of all movable parts and prevents corrosion. And as we all know, brakes that don't work as they should is a recipe for disaster.
  • Washer fluid - Your windshield gets dirty while you're driving or you notice that it needs a quick cleaning while you're on the highway, so what do you do? Use your windshield washer jets, right? Well, what if there is no washer fluid in there? Your windshield stays dirty, and all that dirt just piles on until a) you wash your car, or b) you finally fill it up.  If there is no washer fluid in the fluid reservoir, internal parts of the pump can corrode and the plastic parts can degrade.
 Learn to do simple repairs. Every car owner should learn to do simple repairs because you're not always going to be able to get to a repair shop when you should or you just simply can't afford it, and this includes changing your windshield wiperss or how to jump your car when you have a dead battery.

Tires are VERY important! Have you ever noticed a car with bald tires? More than likely, that car has trouble gripping the road and will spin or fishtail during bad weather. Safe driving should always include tires with good tread. One simple way to check your tire's tread is the Penny Trick. If you can see Lincoln's head, you are in dire need of tires. (Tip: The Penny Trick is something else you can do while fueling up!)

Clean those mirrors and windows (along with your headlights)! If you clean mirrors and windows at home, you should do the same thing for your car. Headlights looking a little, well, foggy? They may need to be restored. (Found this awesome guy at the Wal-Mart in Hillsboro, Texas that does AMAZING headlight restoration, and Wal-Mart only charges $30 for it.)

Your interior should look just as good as your exterior. If you ever planning on selling your vehicle, a clean interior can mean the difference between the amount you were looking for and a much lower sale. Wash the exterior at least once a month and clean the interior every 3 months. Some people get their cars detailed. Go to to find out more.

What are some other tips you use when it comes to keeping your car running and looking great?
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Gamers get a competitive edge by using #TurtleBeach Elite PRO PC Headsets

Thanks to Turtle Beach for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions belong to the reviewer. Your experience may differ.

(Thanks to Leigh, our resident gamer, for the review!)

I have been a gamer for many years and have played on multiple platforms and have playes multiple genres of games. But I have always wondered what could I do to improve my play style.

Of course I've heard numerous ways to improve one thing or another in a game but it usually comes down to the gear you use to play - a custom or advanced keyboard can help you prioritize skills, abilities, and weapons better than a normal keyboard, while a custom mouse could also help you  with reaction times, aiming, and spell or skill set manipulation through macros.

Although I have tried many keyboards and mice to find a set that works better with my play style, I always seem to be lacking in some aspect. I never knew how much sound quality could affect how well or poorly you do in a game until I was able to use the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Professional Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset.

I have used many different brands of headsets and mics and each one seems to be the same. They all seem to put out good sound quality and comfortability and clarity when it comes to talking with your team... Or so I thought. I never knew how wrong I was.

After using the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset, not only did I immediately notice how comfortable they were and how they had adequate ventilation for your head and ears, but I also noticed that the sound quality was unrivaled in its ability to pick up every single audio detail.

We all know thar when playing games, the quality of each game has improved over the years to where even the slightest sounds from reloading a gun to a tip toe are in each game, but what I noticed is on most headsets is that those sounds are so faint of a sound, you can barely notice them.

After using the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, I could hear every subtle detail in sound that I've never heard before, or at least not clearly. I played several rounds of Call of Duty and noticed that my KDA had improved tremendously compared to other games before using it. I was able to hear the small reloading sounds from behind a wall or someone trying to crouch and sneak behind me; therefore it decreased my reaction time and I was able to dodge and move out of the way or kill someone I normally wouldn't have heard before.

As for the mic on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, my teammates and friends could tell me how much better of a quality of sound was coming from my end and how they could hear more clearly what I was saying to them in terms of strategy or any other situation you may need it for.

If you are one of those people who always wonder why it seemed like other players had a bigger edge over you in a game, there is a good possibility they are using a high quality headset like the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Surround Sound PC Headset. I would recommend anyone who wishes to just improve their game or even if they plan to become pro to purchase the Turtle Beach Elite Pro. Watch your score skyrocket.


  • What's in the box: Headset, removable microphone attachment, 3m PC USB Amplifier Cable with In-line Controls, 1.3m Console 3.5mm Audio Cable with In-line Controls, Quick Start Guide (a full user manual is available for download)
  • Audio: USB For Windows PCs / 3.5mm Jack for PlayStation 4 Pro/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Mobile/Tablet
  • ProSpecs Glasses Relief System
  • Superhuman Hearing
  • Unidirectional Gaming Microphone
You can purchase the Turtle Elite Pro Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset for $199.95.

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Ponytails vs Divatress - bringing out the diva in you!

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When it comes to bringing out your inner diva, hair is important... Well, it is for me. Minus work outs and just general day-to-day ponytails, I always try to have something a little more going on when I feel like looking nice or just add a little more oomph (especially when my hair is feeling particularly flat that day).

Ponytails are always a good choice. They are easy, quick, and there are actually a lot of different ways to do a ponytail. My favorite has always been the swept-to-the-side ponytail. It's so elegant-looking but oh-so easy!

Updos aren't so easy and quick but they can pack a punch! You can find lots of tutorials and ideas on YouTube. (This one is awesome!!)

But for when I want to wear my hair down, my go-to arsenal are half-wigs, and Divatress's sensationnel line of lace front wigs and half-wigs are not only pretty, but they're affordable!

My favorite is the Sensationnel Instant Weave Half Wig – TUSCANY. It comes in 8 different colors and the medium brown almost matches my hair perfectly! Since I have trouble getting texture in my hair to stay, a half-wig like the Tuscany would make it a lot easier - all I would have to do is style the front! I always likes that wavy look but because my hair gets flat so easily, styling my entire head and keeping it that way is more work than it's worth (and that makes me sad). So this would be a great option for those who are in the same boat!

Even for those with long hair who have trouble getting it styled and keeping it that way for any length of time, it's a battle - most often, a losing battle. Don't let the diva stay inside - maybe Divatress can help you bring it out!

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Jason's Deli is helping cancer research (and it's delicious)

Thanks to Jason's Deli for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions belong to the writer. Your experience may differ.

564,800 Americans are expected to die of cancer this year, which means more than 1,500 people a day.

Thankfully, not everyone who gets cancer does not become a statistic.

June is National Cancer Survivors Month and since 2013, Jason's Deli and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas have teamed up in support of cancer research, by educating people through showing how important nutrition is for treatment and prevention with their new healthy Salmon Pacifica Salad.

The Salmon Pacifica Salad is made with healthy omega-3 wild-caught sockeye salmon, potassium-filled avocado, grape tomatoes full with lycopene, fire-roasted Piquillo peppers, pickled onions, cucumbers, and organic field greens with a cucumber-dill vinaigrette.

Cancer has touched many lives, including my own. I lost an aunt to stomach and bladder cancer in 2005 and I also have a relative who is currently battling leukemia. Believe it or not, I have an aunt who just beat Stage 2 breast cancer, so supporting cancer research is important to me.

I was able to go to Jason's Deli, try out the Salmon Pacifica Salad, and find out more about this important partnership.

Did you know that 50 cents from every Salmon Pacific's Salad sold goes to cancer research, and since 2013, they have raised over $713,000? (They also create or switch a new salad every 6 months!)

For the Salmon Pacifica salad, at first glance, is a surprise. You can see chunks of salmon, avocado, and the fire-roasted Piquillo Peppers on a bed of greens. Everything tasted so fresh, and each ingredient added another level of flavor. I've never had Cucumber-Dill vinaigrette before, and the tanginess on top of the Piquillo Peppers, pickled onions, and avocado brought all of the flavors together.

What made the experience even more was the General Manager, Chad, came by the table as we were eating and talked to us - not only about the partnership, but his history with Jason's Deli and the company as a whole.

Jason's Deli not only cares about their own people (which was why the partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center originally started), they just care.
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FAVE Juice is runner-approved!

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Juice. It's everywhere; apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, prune juice, grape juice, V8... A lot of times, though, it's not very healthy - it's filled with sugar and preservatives. Don't get me wrong - I love juice! A nice big glass of cold OJ in the morning with my cereal? Yep! But all that sugar just makes me feel sluggish. What if there was a way to get your fruits and veggies without all that sugar (or sodium) and without sacrificing that delicious taste?

There's a juice called Fave Juice! It's an all natural 100% fruit and vegetable juice with 3 FULL servings of fruits and veggies with each 8oz glass! Seriously - if you're having trouble chowing down on fruits and veggies (because there are times you just want to scream if you eat another piece of broccoli), why not try a juice that gives you the fruits and veggies you need? (Just don't forget to still eat your fruits and vegetables. Those are important!)

Nutritional Value for Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi

Even better, there is less than 45mg of sodium and 60 calories in each serving. For a runner who is trying to watch her sodium content due to the fact that I gain water weight really easily, this is a no-brainer for me.

Fave Juice also comes in 3 delicious flavors (check out their ingredients!) - Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, Pomegranate-Blueberry-Goji, and Tangerine-Orange-Pineapple. Yum!

It's a great alternative to fruit juices and soda, and it's also great for kids!

Be sure to follow Fave on Facebook!  You can also check out their store locator to see where it is available. (You can also purchase FAVE on Amazon.)

Ready for the taste test?

I love fruits and vegetables. But I also love juice. Where my Dad worked, he was able to bring home juice all the time. Granted, it wasn't the healthy kind, but it was still juice. Once I realized I needed a healthier alternative to those unhealthy juices and soda (which I still drink occasionally because I'm a Texan and Dr Pepper is life!), I went on a search.


I came across Face Juice and knew I had to try it! The first flavor I tasted was Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, all 3 flavors I love... Never had them combined but it was worth a shot. You can definitely taste the veggies, which isn't a bad thing! You want to taste the veggies. But then you get that taste of strawberry, banana, and kiwi... I liked it a lot, especially VERY cold. It ended up being my favorite of the 3 flavors and I'll normally drink it after a run or workout.

Orange-Tangerine-Pineapple (with ice)

The Orange-Tangerine-Pineapple was definitely a combination I would have loved as a kid who always had juice with her morning cereal! It has become my go-to morning drink, after coffee, when I eat cereal in the morning. It's like drinking a glass of OJ, just a lot healthier and much more tasty. (Did I mention it also less sugar so it doesn't taste like you're just drinking a cup of sugar?)


As for the Pomegranate-Blueberry-Goji, that was a combination I never would have through of, but they go so well together! Kind of tart but with a sweetness behind it. If I didn't eat healthy that day, I'll relax at the end of the day with a glass of it and promise myself to do better tomorrow... Or the next day...

Fave Juice - runner and taste buds approved! (And can I just say that mixing the OTP and PBG flavors is awesome? Yeah, it is!)

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