Friday, October 21, 2016

Let Swagbucks buy you Wine

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Good news for wine lovers! You can get paid to build up your collection through this special offer from Winc and Swagbucks. Winc is a great site that matches wines to your palate. Don't like a bottle they send you? No problem - they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can get new wines delivered to your door every month, or skip a month if you feel like it. Plus, if you order 4 or more bottles, shipping is free!

On top of all that, Swagbucks wants to give you up to $40 for checking them out (paid out in the form of SB points)! Sign-up & earn 2,000 SB on your first order. Stay subscribed for a second wine shipment & earn an additional 2,000 SB. Please click here for complete details and to get started!

If you haven't tried Swagbucks yet, this is a great time to start! Signing up through me and then completing the first half of this offer and getting the 2000 SB entitles you to a bonus 300 SB. If you complete a survey through Swagbucks before November 1st, that's another 100 SB bonus. That means you can get a total of $44 worth of SB for trying out Winc, then turn those SB into gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and Target, or get PayPal cash!
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Get 500 SB when you buy a $0.99 SIM card from FreedomPop

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Swagbucks, the online rewards site that puts cash back in your wallet, has an AMAZING offer through FreedomPop where you get $5 (paid in the form of 500 SB) when you buy a SIM card for just $0.99! FreedomPop's Global 3-in-1 SIM gives you free voice, text, and data in the US *and 25 other counties). Buy the $0.99 SIM card, get your first month of FreedomPop for free, and earn 500 SB. If you stay subscribed for 3 months, you'll get an additional 1000 SB!

This deal is running for a limited time, so use this link and get yours before Saturday, October 22nd! It's a zero-risk offer that pays you to try out a new, less expensive way to use your mobile phone.

Haven't tried Swagbucks yet? This is a great way to do it, and when you sign up through me using the link above and get your 500 SB, you'll get a bonus 300 SB at the beginning of November. So that's $5 for trying FreedomPop, which gets you 800 total SB, which you can turn into $8 worth of gift cards! That's in addition to all the other SB you'll earn as you use the site. I've been able to afford Christmas gifts, pay bills, and even go out on a date thanks to Swagbucks!
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#HerbalMotion is a natural alternative to stinky muscle rubs!

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received a FREE sample of Herbal Motion to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Everybody wakes up with aches and pains once in a while. But when you work out a lot or have arthritis, it can be an every day thing and pain relievers don't really help the pain. They just mask the pain for a little while.

Using the power of natural ingredients like Capsaicin, Aloe, Arnica, Boswella and Hemp Oil, which have been known their natural healing properties for muscle, joint, simple back and arthritic pain management, Herbal Motion was developed as of a more natural alternative to over-the-counter creams and over-used anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Herbal Motion helps you stimulate the affected area without the embarrassing smell of other popular remedies.

You can purchase Herbal Motion for $29.99. Get 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING using the code INMOTION. You can also become part of their Motion Club, which offers a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month plan. 


I suffer from arthritis in my right knee but I also get aches & pain after running or working out. Depending on the pain, I may take something but it soon wears off. Doesn't help, does it? I generally try not to use muscle rubs because the smell is over-powering.

I hurt my knee climbing rock cliffs the other day so when I knew I would be trying Herbal Motion, I had to put it to the test. I slathered a little on my knee and believe it or not, I didn't have much pain after a while! Since you can use it up to 3 times a day, I kept putting some on my knee and eventually, the pain was gone!

Another good thing? It doesn't have that muscle rub smell some have. It also has soothing hemp oil, which is nice.

Goodbye stinky muscle rubs. You're being kicked to the curb!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Deadpool VS Iron Man - Who wins?

When a geek can't sleep at night, they end up going to YouTube. I came across a video where the fight is against Batman and Deadpool. I won't spoil it for you, but the ending kind of was disappointing.

But then it got me to thinking - who would win if it were Deadpool and Iron Man, not to the death?

Let's start off with what we know about Deadpool. He is essentially immortal. He can heal and regenerate pretty quickly, even when decapitated. He has impressive fighting skills due to his time as a mercenary. He's also been known to make his enemies go crazy by his insistent talking and fourth wall breaking antics.

What about Iron Man? Not immortal by any means. But he's also very intelligent. He doesn't have the superior fighting skills Deadpool has nor the healing abilities, but he has enough gadgets to stop Deadpool in his tracks... At least for a little while.

Depending on how the fight went, Iron Man would win. Since they're not fighting to stay alive, Iron Man would use his suit's lasers and missiles to pretty much incinerate Deadpool. Iron Man also has his suit's protection for as long as it'll last. Yes, Deadpool can heal pretty damn quick and has great fighting skills, but he would only cause minimal damage against Iron Man's metal suit.

Deadpool would not win by default because 1) it isn't to the death and 2) Iron Man would easily incapacitate him just by cutting off his head, arms, and legs with one fell swoop.

It takes a lot longer to regenerate body parts than it is to buff out of the scratches on a metal suit filled with gadgets.

Who do you think would win?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sore throat? #Chloraseptic to the rescue!

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received FREE Chloraseptic products to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

It's cold, flu, and allergy season, which means that a lot of people are going to be getting sick. What usually comes with being sick? A sore throat. I don't know about you, but I hate getting sore throats. It makes me feel worse than I actually should!

Chloraseptic is great for those with sore throats! Chloraseptic provides fast-acting relief for sore throats and mouth pain and is the #1 pharmacist recommend brand for sore throat liquids/sprays.

They have so many different products available including sprays and lozenges.

But since it is mostly cold & flu season, you're probably wondering how can you tell if the flu (or cold) has visited your area yet. Well, now you can keep an eye out for flu outbreaks in your area using the Chloraseptic Cold + Flu Tracker!

Be sure to follow Chloraseptic on Facebook & YouTube.

Use their store locator to find a certain product near you.

I don't get sick very often but when I do, I get really sick. I recently had, well, now I'm not sure, bu what I thought was the flu. It may have been allergies but all I know is that my throat was sore. It hurt to swallow and talk. I felt absolutely horrible!

I generally don't like taking medicine when I'm sick because I like to heal "naturally" but as someone who loves to talk, I don't mind taking something to make my throat feel better. Chloraseptic is the first brand I reach for, both spray and lozenges. I use the spray first for instant relief and lozenges for constant relief.
The Chloraseptic Max Sore Throat plus Coating Protection did it's job! My fiery throat was wasn't as fiery anymore. Tasted pretty good too with the Wild Berries flavor!

The Chloraseptic Max Wild Berries lozenges worked pretty well! When I couldn't use the spray or didn't want to, the liquid-center lozenges worked quickly to cool my nasal passages and soothe my poor throat.

After a few days, I was definitely feeling better!
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