Friday, May 27, 2016

Earn some extra cash this summer!

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Summer is what I call the "slow months" - families aren't hustling and bustling and even time seems to slow to a crawl.

But that also means that a lot of times, work slows down. If you've been a fan of Edge Of Insanity for a while, you'll notice that sponsored posts, reviews, and giveaways tend to be few and far between during the hot months. So starting in June, I find extra ways I can make money for birthdays, Christmas, and celebrations.

Want to know the secret to how I supply Christmas for free each year by just being patient?

eJury - In fact, I had JUST finished a case. eJury is kind of like being part of a jury, except it's online. (They call it Mock Juries.) It's done by county, and you read/listen (depending on the case), and render a "verdict". Most cases have a 50 verdict cap. Payout depends on the case.

Swagbucks - If you haven't heard of Swagbucks, you might want to get a notepad out for this. It's a place where you earn SBs to put towards gift cards and other fun stuff. You can earn SBs by shopping, surveys, searching, playing games, and completing offers. Between me and Twin, we made Christmas happen for at least 2 years in a row just by using Swagbucks.

Survey Sites - There are a lot of survey websites out there that say it's easy to earn cash, and while some of them are legit, there are a lot of survey websites that are a scam. One website I constantly use is Opinion Outpost. It's easy to sign up, simple to use, and the minimum payout for Paypal is only $10! The Peaceful Mom has more legit survey sites you can visit.

OneSpace (previously known as CrowdSource) - If you're online quite a bit but don't want to spend hours a day answering questions for a survey you might not even qualify for, OneSpace could be considered a blessing. With "micro" jobs to bigger editing opportunities, you decide what you want to do. However, the more you work, the more you get paid.

Pinecone Research - This isn't just your average survey place. Yes, the points you earn for surveys can be put towards cash and prizes, but you also have the opportunity to try products at home. Membership is usually one per household. Twin has been a member of Pinecone Research for a long time and has tried out countless products. (I think my favorite was the breakfast bowls she did a while back!)

This isn't an extensive list by any means, but it is meant to get you started on finding ways to earn a little extra moolah this summertime!

What are some of your favorite ways to earn money online?
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Enter to win a Tria Age-Defying Laser Deluxe Kit! #ad

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Anybody who wants smoother, more youthful skin can enter Tria's Best Skin Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Tria Age-Defying Laser Deluxe Kit ($595) and an invitation to join the Fresh Faces of Tria.

The only at-home laser clinically proven to treat fine lines and wrinkles, the Age-Defying Laser stimulates collagen to produce smoother skin and deliver a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion—all while leaving the surface of the skin intact. The Deluxe Kit includes an Age- Defying Laser, Priming Cleanser, and Finishing Serum.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shop, Earn, & Win at Walmart through Swagbucks!

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When I hear from loyal Swagbucks members about their favorite Swagbucks Shop & Earn destination, the answer invariably comes back Walmart. Every extra penny saved matters and it's basically impossible to beat any cash back on top of Walmart's low prices. So when I heard that Swagbucks is giving you more for every dollar you spend at Walmart, I had to share! That's right, Swagbucks is making earning Cash Back easier and giving away $1,000 in prizes when you Shop & Earn at Walmart.

Starting today through May 31st you’ll earn up to 7% Cash Back on your summer shopping needs at Walmart. Enjoy savings in your favorite summer categories including:

  • Home 
  • Clothing 
  • Toys 
  • Baby & Toddler 
  • Electronics 
  • Patio & Garden 
  • Sports & Outdoors 
  • Autos & Tires 
  • Cell Phones 
  • Food

Plus, be entered into their Walmart Summer Sweeps! For every $25 you spend at Walmart from May 16th through May 31st you’ll be entered to into their $1,000 Giveaway!
  • 1 Grand Prize: $500 
  • 20 Runner Up Prizes: $25.*

The more you spend, the better your odds! 

*All prizes to be paid out in SB.
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weight Loss Update: Miles At A Time

It seems I have made a triumphant breakthrough in my walking & running, and it only happened recently!

Okay, let me back up. On May 4th (which was a Wednesday), I decided that I would walk to the local H-E-B and get Mom her Mother's Day present. She has asked for hanging baskets and I knew that H-E-B Plus! would have them. But because we don't have a car and I don't have a bicycle yet, my dad and I walked over 2 miles to the store. The sun was high and the temperature was in the mid 80's but I knew it was the only chance I would get to go.

Walking there was a breeze, and it was actually kind of fun. It was a new route from what I normally take, and I hadn't been inside the store in a while. (I wanted to take home some new porch furniture but at $500 a pop, I could not only afford it, getting it home might have been a little difficult.)

Once we left, walking home a bit more difficult. I was tired, hot, and I was dying for something cold to drink. But I made it home without any problems, and after that, I started walking longer distances.

The next time I went running, I knew that if I could walk 2 miles one way without being overly tired, I could certainly run a mile without any problems. I made the cardinal mistake of wearing sweatpants in 90* humidity, and when I got home, I was ready for put myself in an ice bath for the rest of the evening. But my sweatpants oops aside, it really wasn't that difficult.

I have realized that the more I walk or run longer distances, the more I know I can handle maybe another half mile the next time.

As far as losing weight, I may need to go down one more size. Which sounds great, but I had JUST bought clothes one size up. My shoes are starting to feel a little loose (but I plan on getting a new pair in June), though I haven't decided if it's because I'm losing weight, they are getting worn out, or a combination of both. Either way, what girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes?

Once I can condition myself to not feel like fainting when I run in hotter temperatures or get so tired, I may try my hand at a smaller marathon and then work my way up to the larger ones.

Not only am I losing weight, I find myself happier after a long walk or run. I rarely return home in a bad mood. I have found happiness in exercise.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Can love be as strong as faith? {Review} #SomeoneLikeYou #VictoriaBylin

I received a FREE copy to facilitate this review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Author: Victoria Bylin
Published: May 2016
ISBN: 0764217372

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Julia Dare is trying to run her own business, raise her young son, Max, and help her widowed mother. Her biggest worry, though, is keeping Max's father from being a bad influence while still allowing the boy to spend time with his dad. When an account from her event-planning business sends her to Caliente Springs resort, she's shocked to encounter Zeke Monroe, her college sweetheart.

Zeke is determined to keep Caliente Springs running despite financial trouble. When Julia walks back into his life, he's surprised at the feelings she stirs up. As they work together on an important client's wedding, the fate of the resort soon depends on their success. With Zeke and Julia both pushed to their limits, will their history put up walls between them or bring them together?

This was first Victoria Bylin novel I've read and I have to say that I LOVED it! I try to read contemporary romance once in a while, and I've been on a contemporary romance phase for a few weeks, and this one was refreshing!

Julia Dare lives with her son Max and her widowed mother, Ellen. Her ex (and Max's father), Hunter, is a self-centered jerk who keeps trying to turn Max into a mini-me, and always puts Julia down for her parenting skills. So when Julia runs into her college sweetheart, Zeke, she isn't sure how she feels about him. She knows she has to take care of her son, try to keep Hunter at bay, and still keep a hold of her new-found faith in God.

Zeke Monroe, the son of a preacher, is the General Manager of a resort that is falling apart at the seems but he is trying everything he can do save it. He doesn't know how he feels about God, but Julia, the new Christian, is like a breath of fresh air when she is asked to fill in for his secretary (who has to have surgery) and plan for a wedding. However, Hunter has other plans. He sees Zeke as a peon and plans to take Caliente Springs right from under him.

Will he succeed? Can Julia help restore Zeke's faith while keeping her sanity? Will Zeke find his faith again and still keep Caliente Springs from being sold?

Someone Like You is a Christian contemporary romance, but it isn't preachy at all. It was light and airy, but still held that God is there for you, waiting to show.

The ending, however, seemed to be out of order. I won't go into details (because that would be spoiling it), but it seemed like it could have happened differently to make the ending more powerful.

With that being said, I loved it and can't wait to read more from Victoria Bylin!

You can purchase Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin on Amazon.
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