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My name is Angela and I am a 32-year-old runner from Central Texas. My mom suffers from advanced congestive heart failure and also had a pacemaker implanted recently. I have a weird personality that some might not understand, but I'm lucky to have a twin sister who shares the same twisted attributes. I consider myself a geek and nerd, loving everything from Doctor Who to science to even Monty Python quotes. I am also also a fur mommy to several kitties, including 2 Siamese (named Brother and Sister), an orange tabby called Cheeto, and another orange tabby named Sandy.

My twin sister (left) and I (right)
I also help take care of my twin sister, Amanda, who suffers from Stage 3 General Anxiety Disorder. Even if I am just there for positive reinforcement, I help her take little steps into overcoming her anxiety as well as help her find ways of dealing with her anxiety for that day. I recently wrote a post about living with a family member who suffers from anxiety.

So what exactly is Edge of Insanity? We consider ourselves a lifestyle blog that focuses on health, beauty, dating, entertainment, and occasionally random thoughts (but not very often). We are also anxiety and care-giving advocates. We have reviews and giveaways so that our readers can learn about cool products that we love! We also post about living on the edge of going crazy and the cliff of sanity. Sometimes we teeter closer to going crazy.

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  1. Hi Angela! I feel you - I take care of my 85 year old mom, and my brother who is severely bipolar. I live at home (at the age of 59, omg.).. Just wanna say I love the blog, and I know where you're coming from. (((HUGS))) From one twisted sister to another! :D


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