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Hi there! You may call me Angela. :) I am a 29-something Texas blogger that has a twin sister and lives at home. My mom suffers from Meniere's disease and requires 2 people at home in the event of an attack should happen. She also had a pacemaker implanted recently. I have a weird personality that some might not understand, but at least I have a twin who shares the same twisted attributes. I'm not terribly funny, but when I am, I can create some real zingers!

I enjoy reading, music, movies, picnics, spending time with family and friends, and snuggling with my 10-year-old cat, Smokie. Smokie is a tortoiseshell that was saved from ultimate death.

I also help take care of my twin sister, Amanda, who suffers from General Anxiety Disorder. Even if I am just there for positive reinforcement, I help her take little steps into overcoming her anxiety as well as help her find ways of dealing with her anxiety for that day. I recently wrote a post about living with a family member who suffers from anxiety.

So what exactly is Edge of Insanity? Well, we help you find ways to save money. We don't post a lot of coupons because we don't coupon often (though we should.). We find online deals we think you'll enjoy. We post freebies because who doesn't love free? We also have reviews and giveaways galore so that our readers can learn about cool products that we love! We also post about living on the edge of going crazy and the cliff of sanity. Sometimes we teeter closer to going crazy.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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spock7005 said...

Hi Angela! I feel you - I take care of my 85 year old mom, and my brother who is severely bipolar. I live at home (at the age of 59, omg.).. Just wanna say I love the blog, and I know where you're coming from. (((HUGS))) From one twisted sister to another! :D

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