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How Quinn & the Quips are getting girls excited about technology.

With technology becoming more and more popular, trying to find a way to reach a much younger generation excited about technology can be difficult.

The people at Blue Socks Media have come up with a great idea - create an animated TV series and game called Quinn & the Quips, which centers around the 11-year-old game developer and technology-savvy Quinn, who has to keep her emoji-like character called Quips, who have escaped from her latest game and are causing chaos in her life and relationships, quiet from an overly-competitive classmate.

The Quips

Quinn & the Quips shows that science and technology can be cool - encouraging girls to be excited about a field where they may be afraid to show interest or experiment with.

To learn more about this awesome project, meet the characters, and help them create the pilot, head on over to the Kickstarter page. Every bit helps, especially when it comes to a project that could impact so many girls and a field a lot of women aren't represented.

We had the chance to sit down and ask writer and producer Alex Anderson a few questions about Quinn & the Quip:

Edge Of Insanity: Quinn is obviously tech-savvy. Where did the inspiration to create Quinn come from?
Alex Anderson: I’ve always loved games. I grew up playing NES (still have it, still mostly works) and turned to computer games as soon as my family acquired a desktop computer (& massive tower) with Windows 95. Games are interactive & the media we watch is becoming more & more interactive so I wanted to create a character that could translate to both and could cater to many possibilities of combining games, “traditional” story, and virtual reality (which is what I’d love to do eventually).

EOI: What's the story behind the Quips?
AA: I’ve always been a fan of physical comedy, bright colors, simple design, and magic…combining all of that, the Quips just naturally happened. In the show, the Quips are characters in Quinn’s latest game that continuously escape from her tablet and cause some havoc in her life, especially since she must keep them a secret from her frenemy, Ben. How do they escape, you ask? I can’t tell you yet. Couldn’t she just delete them? She could…but they also turn out to be very helpful in certain ways and they each have a personality & feelings.

EOI: In the QQ Game, what can we expect to see?
AA: We are in the pre-development stage of the game. It could change if we end up working with a gaming company and they have a better, crazy-super-cool idea. As of right now though, we are planning a multi-level app game where players will create avatars or choose to play as a character from the show. The avatar will be responsible for finding, catching, and keeping the Quips out of Ben’s (the antagonist) hands [and possibly while also maintaining her grades & her social life].

EOI: What are you hoping children, and parents, will take away from Quinn & The Quips?
AA: I’m hoping they will laugh together, relate to the characters, take away positive social values, and a new perspective or interest in technology and how we relate to it.

EOI: Any advice for young girls who are showing interesting in technology, science, or creating games?
AA: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Maybe do that with parental guidance or a teacher…especially if there are chemicals (or the internet) involved, but explore your imagination. You have one for a reason. And don’t be afraid to stand out or be different than your peers. Having different opinions and interests is part of what makes you unique. That might be frustrating or seem uncool if you feel you don’t “fit in” when you’re younger, but keep playing! Your interests could turn into cool, fun, & fulfilling careers or hobbies someday!

As a girl who showed an early interest in technology and gaming, Quinn & the Quips is groundbreaking as it shows that even girls can have a love of technology and games without being afraid to show it.

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