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Little known fact on running - try yoga

About a week or two ago, I hit a weight loss plateau. I was either gaining or losing half a pound to a pound. I wasn't going anywhere!

I decided that instead of focusing on the number, I would focus on toning my body and working better at my runs. I knew running and just working out wasn't enough, considering my work outs weren't as productive as they should be.

But as I've lost weight, I knew running and working out a few times a week wouldn't suffice, and let's be honest, who girl doesn't want to feel more limber and not so stiff so they don't fall over when putting on jeans in the morning? So I decided to add yoga to my exercise!

I have started doing a few yoga moves I picked up last year that were very beneficial and really easy for a beginner!
My go-to is a shoulder stand (or the Sarvangasana), sometimes with a split. There are different variations, 7 of which can be found on Runners Love Yoga, and I generally trade out those variations. The good thing about the shoulder stand is you can try out new modifications for your level or what you're comfortable with.

Reclining Pigeon
Then I move to the basics of the Downward DogBitilasana (also known as the Cow), Anjaneyasana (also known as Low Lunge), and then Supta Kapotāsana (also known as Supine or Reclining Pigeon).

I spend at least an hour each session focusing on these moves, occasionally spending a little more time on a certain pose if I feel the need for it.

I can't say for sure yet that it's done wonders for my running yet as it's too soon to tell, but there was an added benefit I didn't know existed - it's toning my non-existent butt to resemble one!

For those that do run and do yoga, did it change how you run? I would love to know!

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