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Gamers get a competitive edge by using #TurtleBeach Elite PRO PC Headsets

Thanks to Turtle Beach for the partnership. All thoughts/opinions belong to the reviewer. Your experience may differ.

(Thanks to Leigh, our resident gamer, for the review!)

I have been a gamer for many years and have played on multiple platforms and have playes multiple genres of games. But I have always wondered what could I do to improve my play style.

Of course I've heard numerous ways to improve one thing or another in a game but it usually comes down to the gear you use to play - a custom or advanced keyboard can help you prioritize skills, abilities, and weapons better than a normal keyboard, while a custom mouse could also help you  with reaction times, aiming, and spell or skill set manipulation through macros.

Although I have tried many keyboards and mice to find a set that works better with my play style, I always seem to be lacking in some aspect. I never knew how much sound quality could affect how well or poorly you do in a game until I was able to use the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Professional Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset.

I have used many different brands of headsets and mics and each one seems to be the same. They all seem to put out good sound quality and comfortability and clarity when it comes to talking with your team... Or so I thought. I never knew how wrong I was.

After using the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset, not only did I immediately notice how comfortable they were and how they had adequate ventilation for your head and ears, but I also noticed that the sound quality was unrivaled in its ability to pick up every single audio detail.

We all know thar when playing games, the quality of each game has improved over the years to where even the slightest sounds from reloading a gun to a tip toe are in each game, but what I noticed is on most headsets is that those sounds are so faint of a sound, you can barely notice them.

After using the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, I could hear every subtle detail in sound that I've never heard before, or at least not clearly. I played several rounds of Call of Duty and noticed that my KDA had improved tremendously compared to other games before using it. I was able to hear the small reloading sounds from behind a wall or someone trying to crouch and sneak behind me; therefore it decreased my reaction time and I was able to dodge and move out of the way or kill someone I normally wouldn't have heard before.

As for the mic on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, my teammates and friends could tell me how much better of a quality of sound was coming from my end and how they could hear more clearly what I was saying to them in terms of strategy or any other situation you may need it for.

If you are one of those people who always wonder why it seemed like other players had a bigger edge over you in a game, there is a good possibility they are using a high quality headset like the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Surround Sound PC Headset. I would recommend anyone who wishes to just improve their game or even if they plan to become pro to purchase the Turtle Beach Elite Pro. Watch your score skyrocket.


  • What's in the box: Headset, removable microphone attachment, 3m PC USB Amplifier Cable with In-line Controls, 1.3m Console 3.5mm Audio Cable with In-line Controls, Quick Start Guide (a full user manual is available for download)
  • Audio: USB For Windows PCs / 3.5mm Jack for PlayStation 4 Pro/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Mobile/Tablet
  • ProSpecs Glasses Relief System
  • Superhuman Hearing
  • Unidirectional Gaming Microphone
You can purchase the Turtle Elite Pro Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset for $199.95.

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