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Ponytails vs Divatress - bringing out the diva in you!

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When it comes to bringing out your inner diva, hair is important... Well, it is for me. Minus work outs and just general day-to-day ponytails, I always try to have something a little more going on when I feel like looking nice or just add a little more oomph (especially when my hair is feeling particularly flat that day).

Ponytails are always a good choice. They are easy, quick, and there are actually a lot of different ways to do a ponytail. My favorite has always been the swept-to-the-side ponytail. It's so elegant-looking but oh-so easy!

Updos aren't so easy and quick but they can pack a punch! You can find lots of tutorials and ideas on YouTube. (This one is awesome!!)

But for when I want to wear my hair down, my go-to arsenal are half-wigs, and Divatress's sensationnel line of lace front wigs and half-wigs are not only pretty, but they're affordable!

My favorite is the Sensationnel Instant Weave Half Wig – TUSCANY. It comes in 8 different colors and the medium brown almost matches my hair perfectly! Since I have trouble getting texture in my hair to stay, a half-wig like the Tuscany would make it a lot easier - all I would have to do is style the front! I always likes that wavy look but because my hair gets flat so easily, styling my entire head and keeping it that way is more work than it's worth (and that makes me sad). So this would be a great option for those who are in the same boat!

Even for those with long hair who have trouble getting it styled and keeping it that way for any length of time, it's a battle - most often, a losing battle. Don't let the diva stay inside - maybe Divatress can help you bring it out!

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