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A String & A Kitten

That little sleeping beauty is Goldie (short for Goldilocks) and is the kitten of my 8-year-old tortoiseshell, Smokie. While Goldie is a pretty active little ball of energy, she did something today that not only had my laughing until my sides hurt, it also left me a little... baffled.

On the coffee table, I noticed a nice long string of, well, something. I assume it was either shoelaces from old shoes or from some drawstring pants. I picked it up, in hopes that she would play with the string. She played with it alright. She was actually protective of it. But it wasn't the protective string bit that confused me. When she put the string in her mouth and I would tug on it, she would freak out! I would drop it, and the minute I picked it back up, she would shake her paws. I don't mean in a normal, "let's play!" motion. You know when kids are really excited about something they kind of move their hands/arms up and down really fast? Yea, that way!

I know it wasn't hurting her because she would try to engage me in a little bit of tug of war. Afraid of hurting her, I wouldn't play the game. Then she would zip around the house, string in her mouth, and trailing behind her.

I have seen some funny kitten antics but this takes the cake! Maybe one day I'll get a video of it and post it for you.

What is the weirdest (or funniest!) thing your cat has done?

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