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Hair dye January

It must be Hair dye Month in the Edge of Insanity home! As you recall about a week ago, I dyed my hair using the John Frieda Precision Hair Foam, right? Of course it didn't come out as I expected because I forgot that dark hair plus semi-dark red hair color equals a chestnut brown.

Anyways, Twin has decided that she will be dyeing her hair today! But what I find kinda funny is that she chose a color similar to my current hair color! She has decided that she wants her color to be Medium Golden Chestnut Brown. We have used Revlon ColorSilk for years and not to mention that you can get 2 boxes for about $6 at Walgreens. Since hair color is pretty expensive, we consider it a great deal!

Maybe this week I'll take a picture of the two of us together and you can see how similar we will look with our same color hair!

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