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Trilight Health Review

My family and I are major herbal lovers. We use herbs for almost every ailment that doesn’t require a doctor visit or over-the-counter. We use herbs for upset stomachs, immune boosting, and even relaxing nerves. Mom also uses it for her Meniere’s disease when over-the-counter medications aren’t working.

Trilight Health offers liquid herbal remedies for just about anything! A great thing about their products is that they contain no alcohol! That means it is safe for those who can’t have anything with alcohol in it and it is safe for children. They’re products are all natural and contain about 100% herbal plants
For those who want to find herbal remedies that pertain to men’s health issues, take a look through their section dedicated to Men’s Health! Worried that your husband/son/spouse isn’t taking care of his joints when they play sports? Pick up a bottle of Joint Care Formula! It is great for inflammation as well as blood and liver cleansing actions.

Taking over-the-counter medications while being pregnant can be risky, especially if the doctor hasn’t given you a definite “yes” or “no” when it comes to those. They have a line of Pregnancy-safe formulas that are perfectly safe to take while pregnant and after giving birth. They even have a Morning Soothe formula, which is great for those bouts of morning sickness.

Another tricky thing to watch out for is children's over-the-counter medications. We sometimes don’t really know what’s in the medicines, right? Well, why not try out Trilight Health’s children-safe formulas? With formulas such Hear No Evil (for ear infections) or Anti-Dia Tribe (for diarrhea) that perfectly safe for your children to take, you can be sure that your child will feel better without all those harsh ingredients!

Since it’s cold & flu season, you want a medicine that’s gonna work without you feeling all groggy. You have things to do and the last thing you need is a medicine that’s gonna make you fall asleep while you’re planning your weekend. Thanks to Trilight Health’s Cold & Flu section, you can take medicine without feeling like you’ve been run over with a truck!

Prices vary, depending on size and product. You can purchase the reviewed product (8oz) for $39.95.

I was able to review the Echinacea & Thyme formula. I was a little nervous at first because I’m one of those people that stick to a particular medicine that works and get a little nervous if I stray. But because I have a terrible immune system, I wanted something that will boost my immune system to keep from getting sick all the time. 

 The Echinacea & Thyme formula is supposed to boost the immune system while supports the lungs, ears, and nervous system. Since I have asthma, it’s hard to find an herbal product that will help that issue as well. I have to say that it does what it says it does! I haven’t had any major lung issues and haven’t come down with a cold (or flu)- yet! 

I’m not a big fan of the taste. It does have a sweet taste at first but then it sort of tastes like cough medicine when you take it by itself. You can taste each herb, like the Echinacea and Thyme. I have no idea what Elderberries taste like but I assume that’s what I also taste in the product. In its defense, I will say that it tastes much better when mixed with water.  It’s not as strong or concentrated. 

I’m so glad I came across it because I will continue to use this to keep building my immune system!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE 8oz bottle from Trilight Health to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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