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Teddy Bears & Chocolate, Oh My!

I was at Walmart this morning and the minute I walked in, I was bombarded by teddy bears, chocolate, and pink little heart napkins. As I was wondering if spending $50 on Valentine's Day was really worth it. Of course, I'm single but when I wasn't, I would easily spend $25 on my beau but now as I get older, I have come up with ways to show that you love someone without spending $15 on a teddy bear and $5 on chocolate.

Instead of a dozen roses that will die within a few days, why not get them a coupon book? And I don't mean coupons that you use at the store. I mean those Valentine's Day coupon books that have coupons like "A massage after a hard day" or "Date night at restaurant of your choice". It's much more meaningful and with a lot of printable Valentine's Day coupons out there, you can personalize them!

If you must get them a teddy bear and chocolate, try finding one of those "combination" bears that have the teddy bear holding a basket of chocolate. They still get the cherish the bear while using the basket for something like pens or even potpourri. I saw some cute ones at Walmart for $5-$10!

Opt for personalized! You can spend all day driving across town to find that perfect Valentine's Day card and within a few weeks, it'll just probably end up in a drawer. But if you get them a personalized card, they will probably put it in a photo album because it was personalized by you! One website I use frequently is Cardstore. You can add photos, your own signature, you're own message, and ship it to them! If you have a lot of pictures of you and your sweetie, create a Mixbook! You can create your own photo album book in various sizes. You can personalize the front, add notes, and add stickers that make it your own.

If you have no clue what to get your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) but love them with all your heart, do something to show that you care without spending money! Make them breakfast, volunteer to watch the kids while they have a girls' night out, or make them a home cooked meal so they don't have to do it!

You can have a great Valentine's Day without spending tons of money.

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