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Mastering the Art of Feeling Good Review

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good will help you understand accountability and celebrate your power and the power of One. It will assist in directing positive change to empower you with the mastery of your own inner feelings of peace, joy, and satisfaction that will directly result in also experiencing your desires and life dreams of the physical realm.

What I Thought
I usually don’t run to self-help books when I feel like I need to “find myself”. I used to think that books like those were full of baloney. But lately, I started thinking I was wrong in that assessment.  When this book came, I was in the mindset that our family wasn’t good enough to be happy or didn’t deserve a better life. I thought some great cosmic force was working against us when in reality, we were working against ourselves. We were sabotaging our own happiness by playing the “victim”. After a hard life, you get used to that frame of mind. Sure it has made me stronger, but you get tired of being strong. I learned that my family can’t be the “victim” any longer. We are magnificent, not only as individuals, but also as a unit! If we want a change, we have to work towards that change, whatever it may be, good or bad.

It is divided into three parts: Feeling Good 101- The Basics, Transition and Sustenance, and finally Mastery. 

Part 1 is a basic rundown of how to feel good outside as well as inside. You learn how to enjoy this moment in life. Not yesterday and not within an hour. How you feel at this moment, on this day, at this time. You might be feeling stress due to financial situations or something else. It’s okay to have these feelings because it’s human nature but don’t hold onto them. They don’t serve a good purpose and as we all know, can make you physically sick. Allow them to exist for a moment then push them out. 

Part 2 is probably one of my favorite parts. It talks about the power of passion, desire, and choice. You have the choice to choose your passion, desire, and destiny. Yep, you heard me- destiny! You are responsible for you (and you’re kids, of course!). You have the power to change what you want out of life, even if you have to ask for help, gain more knowledge, or look in a different direction.

Part 3 is mostly about the consequences of your choices and realizing your success. A lot of people don’t realize that when they give up on something (like working towards a degree or even a successful blog!) , they were so close to success! Keep going until you reach what you’re working for.

I promise that you will learn a lot about yourself. I sure did!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE copy of Mastering the Art of Feeling Good by Wendy Kay to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


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