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Caesar's Pasta Review & Giveaway

Sometimes frozen dinners are quick, easy, and inexpensive. But let's be honest- they are full of fat, preservatives, and sodium.

Caesar's Pasta offers delicious frozen dinners that are all natural, organic, gluten free, and even wheat free! Founded in 1967, it is a third generation family owned business that freezes their products at the peak of their freshness so you know you are getting delicious and fresh precooked dinner!

With over 30 different varieties to choose from, you are bound to find something that you and your family will enjoy! If you are looking for something organic, you have your choice of (all with Marinara Sauce) Manicotti Entree, Stuffed Shells Entree, Vegetable Lasagna and Cheese Lasagna. Those without Marinara Sauce include Organic Vegan Potato Gnocchi, Organic Four Cheese Manicotti, Organic Four Cheese Stuffed Shells, and Organic Four Cheese Ravioli.

If you prefer Gluten Free and Wheat Free, your choices include Vegan Spinach Gnocchi, Vegan Potato Gnocchi, Cheese Lasagna Entree (with Marinara Sauce), Vegetable Lasagna Entree (also with Marinara), Manicotti Entree (Marinara Sauce), and Stuffed Shells with Marinara Sauce Entree.

If your family is anything like mine, we love Ravioli. With Caesar's Precooked Ravioli, they've taken all the hard work out of making and cooking them! You can get the Beef Ravioli, Cheese Ravioli, Sausage Ravioli, and even Spinach Ravioli! Yum!

You can even get Tortellini, Meatballs, Cavatelli, Stuffed Shells (without the sauce), and even raw Ravioli! You can also view their full product list (will open as a PDF file).

So instead of going to the store and getting frozen dinners that are full of fat and sodium, give Caesar's Pasta a try!

You can find Caesar's Pasta on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase Caesar's Pasta at a retail store using their Store Locator.

I'll be honest- I didn't write a list down of what I got to review. It was a stupid mistake on my part, but I will review what I do remember!

The frozen dinners serving size is usually for 1 person- but because some of them were too big for me, I decided to half most of them with Twin.

Stuffed Shells (with Marinara Sauce)- These shells are huge! You get 3 of them and they are pretty big! It had tons of gooey cheese on it, and the sauce was pretty good. The sauce itself had a pretty standard sauce flavor. Nothing to get excited about. But the cheese and the cheese stuffing in the shells... I think next time I make shells and cheese, I'm stuffing those itty bitty shells!
Potato Gnocchi- I've had gnocchi before I'm a pretty tough critic. The Potato Gnocchi wasn't exactly a favorite. I found it to be a little grainy but you can definitely taste the potato!
Cheese Ravioli- Wonderful! It had a flavorful cheese filling, and a bite to the pasta that I enjoyed. We paired it with a sauce that we always make, and to be honest, there weren't that much left to put in the pasta because we kept eating them. LOL
Spinach Gnocchi- I've never had Spinach Gnocchi before, so I was surprised at how delicious they were! They weren't grainy at all (like the Potato Gnocchi), and they definitely tasted of spinach. I love spinach so I was ready to eat them. This time, we took the easy way and poured Alfredo sauce on them. They were even more yummy!
Vegetable Lasagna Entree
Vegetable Lasagna (with Marinara Sauce)- This was a pleasant surprise! If your kids hate vegetables, they will love them after eating this! A great balance of veggies, sauce, cheese, and pasta. Two thumbs up!
Beef Cannelloni- I think this was the first entree we had. It PACKED full of delicious beef flavor! The cheese, beef, pasta, and sauce was just perfect. 
Manicotti (with Marinara Sauce)- Very delicious! Sauce was a little bland, but then again, I'm picky when it comes to sauces too. But the filling was delicious, and I just loved the cheese and filling.
Chicken Lasagna Cacciatore- Yummy! The chicken was so juicy, and pasta was al dente, and the sauce was good as well. I think Twin and I argued over who got more.

As I said, I didn't write a list of what I had received, but I do remember that they were mostly delicious. Hehe

Thanks to the great folks at Caesar's Pasta, one(1) winner will receive their own sample pack that will include 7-10 delicious entrees!

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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received FREE products from Caesar's Pasta to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


  1. I want to try the manicotti. It's always been my favorite pasta dish!

  2. Cavatelli is my favorite pasta dish.

  3. Did I already say the Stuffed Shells?? LOL! I went back in to look around some more!!! :)

  4. The 4 cheese stuffed shells look good!


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