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Bear with me next week!

Unfortunately, the power cord on our laptop went out, and we don't have back-(stupid on our part, I know). So once again, we have to go to the public library next week until Thursday, when we will get a new one. This has been a year of tests, and I think I have failed quite a few of them.

So until next weekend, I won't be posting as regularly and I apologize for it all!
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FREE Heart Healthy Recipe Book!

Ever since Mom came home from the hospital a couple of months ago, we've been trying to eat "heart healthy" so she doesn't have to make another trip to the ER. We didn't know any heart healthy dishes, but now we do! It is chock full of great recipesThis free recipe guide contains more than 60 delicious recipes submitted by members of our online community. Each recipe is low in saturated fat and sodium to fit your heart-healthy needs. Enjoy recipes for beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, soups, salads and more, all yours with NO COST OR OBLIGATION! 

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Barnes & Noble Nook $199 + FREE Shipping!

You can get the B&N Nook for only $199 with FREE shipping! Great idea for Back to school!

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Unique Food Uses!

Through out my years of living, I have noticed that a lot of families waste food. Their either at the bottom of the mayo jar or just a couple of pieces of cheese left, and in the garbage it goes. Well, my family doesn't let food go to waste. Having been through a couple of times where we didn't know where our next meal would come from, we figured out how to make food last a little longer. They're not conventional, but still delicious!

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FREE UPS My Choice alerts!

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We're used to getting packages by UPS. But before UPS My Choice, we had no clue when they arrived. Either we weren't home, not feeling well, and we even ended up missing special occasions because the package didn't arrive in time. But thanks to UPS My Choice, we know exactly when the package will arrive! There have been times when we will even track the package all day (especially if it is one we're excited about) just so we know exactly when it arrives.

If you know you're not going to be home, you can always change the delivery to next door or even to another address (like work). Better yet- you get alerts at least 24 hours in advance that a package will be arriving to your doorstep, that way you can be home when it comes.

Get alerts before packages arrive, Electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options. All you have to do is enter a valid information (address, username, password, e-mail, etc.) in order to get the most up-to-date deliveries. Sign up now!

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Caesar's Pasta Review & Giveaway

Sometimes frozen dinners are quick, easy, and inexpensive. But let's be honest- they are full of fat, preservatives, and sodium.

Caesar's Pasta offers delicious frozen dinners that are all natural, organic, gluten free, and even wheat free! Founded in 1967, it is a third generation family owned business that freezes their products at the peak of their freshness so you know you are getting delicious and fresh precooked dinner!

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FREE Photo Book from MyPublisher!

I love it when these freebies come around! It's gonna be a Christmas gift for Mom!

MyPublisher is offering a FREE 7.75″ x 5.75″ Photo Book to NEW USERS or save 20% on larger photo books. Hurry before this deal is gone!
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Fabe's All Natural Bakery Review

Cookies are a great snack. Sure, it’s not all that healthy but they are so delicious. The flavors available to the world are endless- chocolate chip, M&M, peanut butter, almond, and so much more. But sometimes you want something that is healthy but still retaining that cookie goodness!

Fabe’s All Natural Bakery has been “Sweetned by Nature” with fruits, veggies, and grains. They offer delicious gluten free, vegan, whole grain, and organic baked deserts! But don’t think they just stop at cookies. You can even get pies, cakes, snacks, and of course, the cookies.
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Beanfield's Snacks Review

Ever have that craving something salty but nothing like you’ve ever had before? You don’t want something that has too much salt or fat.

With Beanfiend’s Bean & Rice Chips, you don’t have to worry about that. They are actually made with black and navy beans along with rice and cooked in sunflower oil. For those who cannot have gluten, these “Crispylicious” chips are gluten-free!
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Great Back to School coupons!

I found some great coupons for those are getting ready to go back to school! They include snacks, supplies, breakfast, and body care! Get them before they expire!

$1.00 off 1 Scotch Magic Tape One-Handed Dispenser
$1.00 off 1 Scotch Pop-Up Tape Deskgrip Dispenser

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FREE card from Cardstore!

Once again, has a code out where you can customize your own greeting card! I just did one for Dad's birthday in October. Enter the code CAJ2719 upon checkout.
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Enter to win $50,000!

Want to enter for your chance to win $50,000? Who wouldn't, right? $50,000 cash sweepstakes from American Family! Click here to enter now!
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Coming to a blog near you!

At a recent trip to a Chinese food buffet, we were horrified at what happened during our time there. Their food was kept either too cold or too hot. The service was terrible. Not to mention the obvious health hazard in the bathroom (you don't wanna know!). We spoke to the manager but he just seemed to shrug it off. So the next day, guess what happened? We call the health department. Days later, they were slapped with almost 30 demerits.

But we thought it wasn't enough. People who seriously get sick if they continued to go there without getting a firsthand opinion from an honest eater. So Twin and I started brainstorming about getting the word out to locals about, well, local restaurants. Being the blogger I am, I thought of a blog! It ain't just any blog- it's only for local eateries. No chains, no places that are owned by great big corporate offices. At first we called it the Waco Foodies or something like that. But if we go on trips or eventually move to Tyler, we'd have to start all over.

We finally decided on a name- The Fork Report! And here is what we will do: We will go to local restaurants, and rate them on the service, food, and prices. Since we're not starting this until the Fall, we're still working out how everything will go, but we're so excited! We can't wait to let the local residents know what we think of the places we go to. And since we've lived here all our lives, aren't professional food bloggers or travelers, they'll be getting honest opinions from someone who actually lives in the area. And the  kicker? The restaurants will have no idea who the critics are. Woot!
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Get free Chips & Queso from Chili's!

My family loves Chili's and we love to get the FREE Chips & Queso! All you have to do is sign up for their e-mail club then when you get to the screen with the coupon, just print!
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Dry Idea Review & Giveaway

It's Summertime. That means hot temperatures and days spent at the beach or even working out. Let's face it- no woman wants to admit that they're not sure if their deodorant is keeping them dry and fresh.

With Dry Idea AdvancedDry, you know that you are staying dry. It offers superior all dry protection from wetness and odor. Dry Idea even has different antiperspirants to fit every woman's needs!

 If you like to wear black shirts but hate to get that white stuff on them, then consider Dry Idea's Clear Gel! It goes on clear, and offers 24-hour protection. It's even hypo-allergenic! You can find it in 3.0oz Unscented or in Powder Fresh. So now you can put on those little black dresses without the mess!

If you want something that will keep you dry up to 2 days, Invisible Solid is your best bet! It has up to 48-hour protection from odor and 24-hour protection from wetness. Like all of Dry Idea's products, it is also hypo-allergenic. While it's available in 2.6oz Unscented and Powder Fresh, it can also be found in the scent of Cool Burst w/ Air Conditioning Effect.

For something with fast drying MicroCotton Formula, their Roll On is probably the one for you. It contains Vitamin E (for that silky smooth feeling) and offers 24-hour protection, while remaining hypo-allergenic. The roll-on offers easy application without sacrificing protection. You can purchase it in 3.25oz in scents such as Powder Fresh and Cotton Dry. If you'd rather not have a scented Roll-On, they also offer Unscented.

You can find Dry Idea on Facebook.

Want the chance to win up to $1000 in prizes? Dry Idea is holding a sweepstakes where there is a first prize of $500 and 10 second prizes of $50! Enter now!

You can purchase Dry Idea wherever they are sold. Prices vary.

It gets hot here in Texas. With temperatures easily reaching almost 100* every day, you feel like you're in an oven. So staying dry without the wetness and odor can be difficult- especially if you start sweating the minute you step outdoors.

So I was actually relieved when I got to try Dry Idea AdvancedDry Roll-On. I won't tell you what my last deodorant was, but it wasn't working as well as it should have. I will say that the roll-on deodorant actually has a silky feel to it. The application is super easy- the ball doesn't stick like some brands.

It doesn't go on clear- I will warn you now. But since I only wear t-shirts (not a tank top person), it doesn't bother me. No one is gonna look at my armpits. LOL  I got Unscented, which I actually like. It didn't have a scent, except the scent of deodorant.

It actually kept me dry! When I get home and change, I don't see any wetness on my shirts or smell anything unpleasant coming from that general area. It dries really quick, which makes it great when you're in a hurry. It definitely works like it should- even as the day turns into night and I am still dry. Nice! It's small enough to fit into my bag, but not too small to where it doesn't get lost on the nightstand.

It will probably become my new best friend this Summer. I'm not a fan of the season, but at least I'll be dry during it.

Thanks to the great folks at Dry Idea, three(3) winners will receive 1 coupon for a FREE 3.25oz or smaller Dry Idea AdvancedDry!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received a FREE AdvancedDry Roll-On from Dry Idea. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
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OOFOS Review & Giveaway

It’s Summertime, and let’s face it- everyone is wearing flip flops! I’ve seen all kinds of flip flops, including shiny, stylish, graphic, and even flip flops with doggies on them. But after a year or so, your average flip flop gets flat and can no longer offer comfortable foot support.

With OOFOS, you can now wear flip flops with style and comfort! Inventors of the material OOFoam, the technology absorbs shock (to lessen pain), reduces fatigue, and has underfoot support for added comfort.

If you’re a flip flop lover, the OOrginal Thong is a great choice! It is lightweight and even machine washable! Your choices of colors include Fuchsia, Tangerine, Mocha, and Black. As far as sizes, your choices are Women’s (4-11) and Men’s (7-14).

For fans of slides, then you might wanna try the OOahhSlide. It has everything that the OOriginal Thong has, including durability and flexibility. Choices of colors include Mocha and Black. Sizes are pretty much the same as the Ooriginal Thong.

They share the common goal to continually make a positive difference in consumer's lives.

You can find OOFOS on Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase any OOFOS footwear using their StoreLocator.

Old flip flops
I live in flip flops all year- even sometimes into the first of November. The Texas Longhorns flip flops you see in the picture are about 2-3 years old. As you can tell, they’ve gotten flat and even have developed that upward curve after miles of steps. Sure, they’re like an old pair of jeans, but they hurt my feet after a couple hours of wearing them.

So I couldn’t wait to try the OOriginal Thong (in Mocha, of course!). It would definitely be a step up from those flat flip flops. At first glance, they might look a little weird. But when you put them on, you can definitely tell a difference. It’ll take some getting used to because the first time you try them on, it feels like those moon shoes that bounce. LOL I’m not kidding you. I put them on and walked around in the living room for a few minutes because it was just a cool feeling.

OOriginal Thong (Mocha)
One thing you will notice is that your feet and legs no longer feel tired after wearing them all day. I walked around the local library for at least an hour, looking for some books for Mom. Usually my feet would be hurting after 30 minutes in my UT flip flops, but not this time! I also have arthritis in my right knee and hip (from an accident in 2004) and most of the time, old flip flops just make me ache. But since these reduce body impact, I can walk comfortably without any problems.

Another thing I loved was that they were water resistant! Foam flip flops are soaking wet even if you step into a puddle, making it hard to walk and if you don’t dry them like you should, they can get all nasty and icky. I accidentally walked into a puddle (made by Dad) and I didn’t slip or slide all over the place. And if I ever get them dirty, I can even drop them into the washing machine. How many flip flop wearers can say that about their flip flops?

They are oh-so comfortable and now they’re the only pair (unless I really just feel like slipping into that old pair) of flip flops I’m gonna wear this year!

Thanks to the great folks at OOFOS, one(1) winner will receive their own pair of either OOriginal Thong or OOFOS slides!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I was sent a FREE pair of OOriginal Thong from OOFOS to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.
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Welch's Filled Licorice Review

Candy is a great snack when you just want some sweet and bad for your teeth. You can have chocolate, but I prefer chocolate when the mood hits me. Or you can try something totally new!

Frankford Candy has partnered with Welch’s to develop an delicious new entry into the rapidly growing licorice category. By adding a jelly-filling inside a juicy-flavored licorice, Frankford has created a new licorice experience with the introduction of Welch’s ® Filled Licorice!

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Manna Organics Review & Giveaway

If you can't tell by all the food reviews I've been doing, I've been trying to get my family to eat a lot healthier, which includes organics. My family loves bread, but it's not very nutritious and not healthy at all.

With Manna Organics, healthy bread can now be an everyday food. With signature Manna Organics Sprouted Bread, Bavarian-style sourdough breads, gluten-free bread, trail mixes, and even bulk organic ingredients, you have no reason not to have healthy but delicious food. Even better, they are USDA Organic certified- so you know you're getting truly organic bread!
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Join Inbox Dollars!

Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining so this offer will convert extremely well to a broad based demographic, especially users interested in freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons online money making opportunities. 

I've been a member for years and I still loving checking my email to see if I received something from Inbox Dollars! Once you reach payout level (usually $20 or $30) you can your check!
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BOGO Kids' Books!

Get 2 Personalized Kids Books for only $19.99 (Plus Shipping). Choose from Cars, Toy Story, Spider-Man, Elmo, or Dora.

Great for Christmas gifts- especially with Christmas In July deals coming up!
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A Hot Fourth

I try not to make a habit of leaving everyone in the dark. Without the Internet at home, it kind of makes it difficult. But this past week has been a little hectic. A couple of days this week, I suffered from yet another sinus infection (which I blame on the weather) and then of course, July 4th.

This year, we really didn't do anything. Mom wasn't feeling good and poor Dad, he had to work that night! So we had hot dogs and all the delicious things that go with hot dogs. Now, has anyone seen 1776 with William Daniels? Thanks to Mom, I love this movie! And since it comes on every July 4th, we had to watch it! So with an ice cold drink and air conditioning, Twin, Mom, and I sat down and watched the whole thing. Okay, not the whole thing. I always have to watch news at 5pm so I don't miss local news and weather. But as soon as the weather was over, we were back to watching it.

Of course, we watched A Capital Fourth, New York, and Boston's fireworks. Talk about gorgeous! I'm a photographer at heart, so every time I saw something pretty, I just wanted to get out my camera. Then I watched our local fireworks. We have a local cable channel where they aired it- so disappointing. I won't go into details but I was actually worse than last year.

Anyways, I know a lot of people are sweltering in this ridiculous heat. I am hoping everyone gets some much needed rain and cooler weather soon!
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