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A Hot Fourth

I try not to make a habit of leaving everyone in the dark. Without the Internet at home, it kind of makes it difficult. But this past week has been a little hectic. A couple of days this week, I suffered from yet another sinus infection (which I blame on the weather) and then of course, July 4th.

This year, we really didn't do anything. Mom wasn't feeling good and poor Dad, he had to work that night! So we had hot dogs and all the delicious things that go with hot dogs. Now, has anyone seen 1776 with William Daniels? Thanks to Mom, I love this movie! And since it comes on every July 4th, we had to watch it! So with an ice cold drink and air conditioning, Twin, Mom, and I sat down and watched the whole thing. Okay, not the whole thing. I always have to watch news at 5pm so I don't miss local news and weather. But as soon as the weather was over, we were back to watching it.

Of course, we watched A Capital Fourth, New York, and Boston's fireworks. Talk about gorgeous! I'm a photographer at heart, so every time I saw something pretty, I just wanted to get out my camera. Then I watched our local fireworks. We have a local cable channel where they aired it- so disappointing. I won't go into details but I was actually worse than last year.

Anyways, I know a lot of people are sweltering in this ridiculous heat. I am hoping everyone gets some much needed rain and cooler weather soon!

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