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Unique Food Uses!

Through out my years of living, I have noticed that a lot of families waste food. Their either at the bottom of the mayo jar or just a couple of pieces of cheese left, and in the garbage it goes. Well, my family doesn't let food go to waste. Having been through a couple of times where we didn't know where our next meal would come from, we figured out how to make food last a little longer. They're not conventional, but still delicious!

You know those frozen hash browns that you can get from HEB? Sometimes there will only be a few hash browns left and they're all crumbled. Most families (or at least close to it) would just toss them. Mom came up with the most genius idea- breakfast nachos! I know it sounds weird, but it's delicious! What she did was crumble some nacho chips, egg, and hash browns in a bowl and add cheese. It was like a crunchy breakfast bowl!

Let's say you have about a cup of peanut butter left, along with a few squeezes of chocolate syrup (the kind you put on ice cream). Don't throw them away! Squeeze the chocolate into the peanut butter, and fold it in. It kind of has a Nutella/PB Crave flavor that tastes great by itself!

One thing we always ended up having a little bit of left is salad. None of us want to eat the last of it because someone else may want some. What we do to remedy the situation is make tuna salad sandwiches- literally! After making the tuna, put the salad on top, and eat! You are getting tons of vitamins and nutrients. Also, don't put the tuna water down the drain. If you have a kitty, pour it in their food. Not only will they eat all of their food, but they also get the iron.

Don't let that last piece of pizza end up in the trash! Fold it over, stick it in the microwave, and dip it in ranch or marinara! Think of it like the homemade version of Pizza Hut's P'Zone! You can do the same thing with frozen pizzas.

Use any last bit of butter and cheese for a grilled cheese! You can always toast your bread, put the cheese and butter on, than for only 2 minutes (depending on the wattage of your microwave), you have a quick cheese sandwich!

How does your family keep from wasting food?

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