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At a recent trip to a Chinese food buffet, we were horrified at what happened during our time there. Their food was kept either too cold or too hot. The service was terrible. Not to mention the obvious health hazard in the bathroom (you don't wanna know!). We spoke to the manager but he just seemed to shrug it off. So the next day, guess what happened? We call the health department. Days later, they were slapped with almost 30 demerits.

But we thought it wasn't enough. People who seriously get sick if they continued to go there without getting a firsthand opinion from an honest eater. So Twin and I started brainstorming about getting the word out to locals about, well, local restaurants. Being the blogger I am, I thought of a blog! It ain't just any blog- it's only for local eateries. No chains, no places that are owned by great big corporate offices. At first we called it the Waco Foodies or something like that. But if we go on trips or eventually move to Tyler, we'd have to start all over.

We finally decided on a name- The Fork Report! And here is what we will do: We will go to local restaurants, and rate them on the service, food, and prices. Since we're not starting this until the Fall, we're still working out how everything will go, but we're so excited! We can't wait to let the local residents know what we think of the places we go to. And since we've lived here all our lives, aren't professional food bloggers or travelers, they'll be getting honest opinions from someone who actually lives in the area. And the  kicker? The restaurants will have no idea who the critics are. Woot!

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