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Take the Jarlsberg® #MYMINIME Selfie Challenge & win!

Jarlsberg Cheese

Do you love Jarlsberg® Cheese? Then you must enter the Jarlsberg® Minis Selfie Challenge!

All you have to do is take a picture of your Jarlsberg® Minis, enter their giveaway, and you could win some great prizes like a Jarlsberg® Cheese cooler and a 1-year supply of Jarlsberg® Cheese Minis, a Jarlsberg® Cheese cooler and a free Jarlsberg Cheese® free product coupon, or Jarlsberg® Cheese Mini samples!

(If my area sold Jarlsberg® Minis, I would so be hoping for the 1-year supply! Our family loves cheese.)

But hurry - the awesome contest ends April 30th!

(Oh, and we forgot to mention that we're also the newest Jarlsberg® Cheese ambassadors so expect a lot more cheesy goodness from us and Jarlsberg®!)

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