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In pain? #ReliefMD to the rescue!

I was NOT compensated for this post. I received a FREE product to review. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Your experience may differ. Please contact your doctor before starting any natural medicinal products.

When it comes to pain, there are tons of things you can do - hot/cold compress, pain medicine, and those smelly muscle rubs. Unfortunately, the hot/cold packs' relief wears off entirely too soon. Pain medicine can help with the pain, but it's not healthy to take it all the time. Do I really need to go into the muscle rubs that work (to an extent) but are not fun to use at all?

Forego all of the chemicals and remedies that don't really work and give ReliefMD a chance! Made of 100% botanical oils such as almond, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, camphor, spearmint, and olive oil. it is known as "massage in a bottle". ReliefMD can help with the discomfort of a sore back/neck, swollen joints, muscle strains & sprains, headaches, and much more!

To use, just swipe one drop above upper lip just below the nose, one drop across the forehead, and then lightly cover affected area (do not rub in). Easy peasy, right?

For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have our readers try out ReliefMD and will send one bottle FREE if our readers for a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one-time only offer! Click here to get your FREE bottle now!

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I suffer from arthritis in my right knee and right hip. It's now spring and with spring comes storms, and with storms comes with flare-ups of my knee arthritis. The pain can be downright horrible, and while heat/cold packs offer temporary relief, I can't have it on my knee all the time - I have a life to live!

When I found out I would be giving ReliefMD a try, I almost sighed with relief. I was hoping with every fiber of my being that it would work and help with the pain a little. So that first day, my knee started hurting, and I decided to use it. I put a drop (or two) on my knee and just swiped it around. Within 30 minutes, my knee wasn't hurting which mean it worked! It is now my go-to remedy for arthritis.

Now, let's take a look at those headaches that come with having migraines. I usually try to take care of a headache before it turns into a full-blown migraine. I did as the directions instructed me to. While it smelled a little strong (thanks in part to the ingredients), it eased the pounding in my head a little. It didn't take my headache completely away, but it definitely helped. Though I'm sure the pork I had for dinner is what caused my headache, and I'm convinced that nothing will get rid of a pork headache.

I haven't tried it for strains/sprains, insomnia, or the other discomforts, I believe it could really help with my pain and headaches. Who knows, it might even help my insomnia. Once I try it for insomnia, I'll be sure to update.

Updated 4/20/2015: Yep, it works for insomnia as well! I couldn't sleep last (thanks to a minor itching irritation) and after following the directions, I was feeling more relaxed and ready to go to sleep.

Alrighty folks, who is ready to win their own bottle of ReliefMD and put that pain at ease? Three(3) winners will each receive a bottle of ReliefMD! Enter below. Good luck! NOTE: One winner per household and you may only win a bottle of ReliefMD one time only.


  1. I have fibromyalgia and my husband has diabetic neuropathy in his feet,so we would be using it for that.thanks SO much for sharing.

  2. I would use it for my lower back, very painful at times.

  3. I would use it for my shoulder pain.

  4. I have arthritis, especially in my shoulders. If I could talk someone into giving me a rubdown with this, I net it would help!

  5. I would use it on my cervical spine injury and on my lumbar region as well which are both a mess!

  6. I have RA and would like to try this on my knees and wrists.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. I'd use this for my headaches and migraines. This has to be better for me than excedrin or aleve!

  8. I would like to try it for headaches and also for muscle strains.


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