Jul 12, 2014

#Anxiety & Comfort Zones

My twin sister has General Anxiety Disorder and has had it for a couple of years. I have learned many things of what to do and what not to do when it comes to helping her cope. But the main thing I have learned is that someone with anxiety needs routines and comfort zones. The last thing someone having an anxiety attack needs is to be pushed. It can actually make the attack worse.

Routines are important because those with GAD do not handle new situations well. Routines allow them to control their anxiety in that moment and feel a sense of calmness. Comfort zones pretty much work the same way except that they need one major comfort zone and one minor comfort zone. What do I mean by this?

For most sufferers, home is their major comfort zone. They can handle their anxiety with family in a nurturing way. They aren't in public and can have an attack without judgement. It can even just be one room where they feel the most comfortable. For Twin, this would be the bedroom. It shields her from anything that could bring on an unexpected anxiety attack. She calls it her "bubble", which isn't uncommon for anxiety sufferers. Most of them will refer to their major comfort zone as their "bubble".

For a minor comfort zone, this is where they feel a little anxiety, but know an anxiety attack will most likely not happen. A minor comfort zone can be a car, a friend's house, or even the lake. It all depends on where the person has fun. It keeps their mind off their anxiety (and anything that could be currently causing the anxiety like a situation at home). Since Twin and I love going to our local park, that would be her minor comfort zone. We are able to enjoy nature, staring at the Brazos River, and just talk. But we also enjoy sitting out into the back breezeway at night (since she also has Social Anxiety), pouring our hearts out. 

So remember, comfort zones are important for those with anxiety. They need it to cope with anxiety. Be there for them and allow them to stay in their comfort zone. They'll appreciate it more than you know.


  1. Good to know for those who are in the same situation.

  2. I get anxious in certain situations, but honestly, I try to avoid them whenever I can.

  3. Hope you don't mind me shooting two birds with one stone. LOL

    It doesn't even have to apply to those that have GAD. Anyone who sometimes have anxiety attacks need comfort zones as well.

    Masshole Mommy,
    That is actually quite common!

    Thank you!

  4. Great post. Very informative for people that don't fully understand GAD.

  5. Anxiety attacks are scary. So glad to read about some solutions that make it better for those who have them. Thank you!

  6. I have GAD as well and panic attacks or so scary. Thank you for all of the amazing tips.

  7. I used to have anxiety attacks after being in certain situations, as a result of being trapped in a certain situation. It was hard work, but I am better able to get through them and they happen a lot less often.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Good to know these things to better handle these things. Anxiety is sure a serious issue.

  9. Sometimes anxiety gets me too. I hesitate to confide to a loved one or a friend because I am shy. But telling someone about it helps you cope because these people can give advice on what to do.

  10. Great post and very informative! I do get anxious at times but not to the point of having a panic attack. That must be very hard to cope with.

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  12. Great read. Thanks for spreading the word.


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