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#JapanCrate - April Unboxing

I was NOT compensated for this post nor did I receive any products. This item was purchased on my own. My thoughts & opinions are mine. Your experience may differ.


A while back, Twin mentioned to me that she wanted an OyatsuBox. (An OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription of treats from Japan.) But because I couldn't subscribe to it for a various of reasons, we decided to find something similar when we came across JapanCrate. As soon as I knew I could subscribe, I decided to do a one-month trial.  

We finally received it, and since I was excited about it, I thought I would share the excitement by showing what we received!
JapanCrate list
Click on the picture to see the description of each item! (Just ignore the Premium list.)

It came with 9 full-sized snacks and candy straight from Japan. At first glance, it was all so colorful with some of the cutest characters on the packages! This month's Japan Crate consisted of wafers, gummies, a DIY kit where you get to create your own strawberry animal pancakes, white chocolate, and much more.

The first we tried was the Meiji White Chocolate, and when compared to American white chocolate, Japan's version is much sweeter and has more of a vanilla taste. I like white chocolate, but America's version pales in comparison to Japan's.
April JapanCrate

The Koume Chan Plum, which was the gummies, was so delicious! Fruity, easy to chew, and a little sour. Definitely my favorite!

We also gave the Hi-Chew Minis a try, and while flavorful, the outer shell seemed to linger, giving it a real strange texture on the teeth. I didn't care for them but Twin decided they were her favorite.

We still have plenty of the candy & snacks left but I have a feeling that we'll be sampling them during the week. I am looking forward to the On Shokora Houjun, which is a chocolate-covered wafer with bits of berries. Yum!

For those interested, JapanCrate subscription rates start out at $12 for the Mini, $25 for the Original, and $30 for the Premium. It is a recurring subscription but can cancel at any time without problems. (We might have to try the Premium soon!)


  1. That would be interesting to try if I ate much sugar, which I don't.
    slehan at juno dot com

  2. Have you heard of TokyooTreat (
    I love their cute orange boxes and their artsy booklets. >_<
    The Sakura Pepsi in their April Box was just awesome! I can't wait for Watermelon Salt Fanta in my August Box now.


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