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Get to snacking with #Rudolphs Pork Rinds!

In Texas, pork rinds are right up there with chips and salsa for snacks. I didn't grow up eating pork rinds, but as I hit my teens and young adult years, I fell in line and started eating them. I wouldn't have them very often, but once in a while, you would start craving them.

According to my taste buds, Rudolph's makes the best pork rinds, bar none! There's just something about their pork rinds that are delicious and very flavorful. There are many different flavors available including their Original, BBQ, Bold & Spicy BBQ, Hot & Spicy, and Chile & Lime. The Chile & Lime (which is one of my favorite flavor combinations) sounds really good!

But Rudolph's also makes other snackables than just pork rinds! Rudolph's offers snacks including Cinnamon Twists, Chicharinas, and OnYums (onion-flavored rings). Interested in making your own pork rinds? You can buy cracklin' pellets and the seasoning!

Pork rinds aren't exactly healthy snacking, but they are much more delicious than your average potato chip!

To buy Rudolph's, you can purchase your snackables online or use their product locator to find a retailer near you.

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I don't get to eat pork rinds often, because for someone who is trying to lose weight, the impulse to buy and snack is too great. But I would never turn down the chance to review some! (What can I say- the Texan in me gave in.)

Like I said, my taste buds decided that Rudolph's makes the best pork rinds! It was not overly salty at all, and you can really taste the pork flavor. I had some leftover salsa from the Super Bowl, and decided to try them with that. Oh my word - the flavors mingled together into some sort of delicious Salsa/pork hybrid that was really good. I might have to try that again soon.

I'm sure you've seen bags of pork rinds where the cracklins are teeny, right? Well, these are HUGE! I only need 1 to last me at least 6 hours. In fact, I still have some left because I don't need to eat as many, thanks to their size!

I shared them with the family, and almost everyone loved them! (The only person who didn't care for them was Twin, but she doesn't like pork rinds in general.)

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