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Celebrate your inner Irish! #StPatricksDay

I've said it once, and I will say it again - I am part Irish. But I am proud of the Irish part in me! I may have other heritages (like German and Polish) as part of my ancestry, but the Irish side seems to come out more. So when St. Patrick's Day rolls around, you can bet that I get excited!

But how does someone celebrate their Irish side? First off, drinking until you're drunk does not make you Irish. It makes you drunk. But there are plenty of cocktail recipes made from authentic Irish whiskey that will make any Irish want to celebrate in moderation! The Michael Collins Honeysuckle from brings out the Irish whiskey's sweetness. It looks so good, I might have to try it. If it's still cold by the time March 17th rolls around, you could always try out this Hot Toddy recipe!

Gammon (Ham) Steaks with Whiskey Sauce

Every celebrate needs food - or at least I thought so. Instead of dying everything green and calling it a St. Patrick's Day feast, why not give actual Irish dishes a shot? Forget the corned beef and cabbage - it is usually reserved for Halloween in Ireland. If you want to try a really good Irish dish, I suggest the Gammon (Ham) Steaks with Whiskey Sauce, Irish Champ, or Irish Apple Cake (if you're wanting something a little sweet).

Create a "LUCKY" pennant banner made from paint chips!

What's a celebration without decoration? This year, I plan on my wearing my new clover t-shirt and putting up a nice big green shamrock I picked up a few years ago. If you don't want your decor to appear tacky, I would skip the leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows. Go with clovers/shamrocks and the Irish flag instead. It looks more authentic.

The Quiet Man feat. John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara

Not into the whole St. Patrick's Day revelry thing? I don't blame you! Since St. Patrick's Day is kind of a religious holiday, you could always go to Mass, spend the day watching some Irish movies, or listening to Irish music. Here are some suggestions for Irish movies and Irish music.

No matter how you celebrate your inner Irish (or your Irish heritage), be safe, have fun, and do everything in moderation!

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