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$12.54 -
Finding inexpensive fashions and accessories is hard - especially if you want really good quality items. 

Did you know that has great clothing and accessories at low prices that fits everybody's budget? It's true! They offer everything from men's shirts, women's intimates, beanies, to even bags. Even baby can get a new creeper for an amazingly low price! They have creepers for as low as $4.12. Did I also mention they have a lot of favorite brands like Playex, Barely There, Hanes, and Apples & Oranges? 

If you need safety gear (like a reflective vest), they have those, too! My dad usually wears a reflective vest at work and when he needs a new one, I think I'll get him the Value Mesh Five-Point Breakaway Vest because you just never know. They also have windbreakers, shirts, and reflective hats so you can been seen!

For those wondering about the bags... they have plenty of them. They have backpacks, duffle bags, messenger bags, and so much more. My family always uses tote bags (which they have), so I might have to get a couple of the Port Authority Improved Panel tote. I love the color combinations and at only $8.24 each, it's a steal as well! 

So if you're looking to find clothing and accessories that will fit your budget, give a try. They are so worth it!

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You can purchase the Authentic Pigment 1902 Pigment-Dyed Canvas Field Bag starting at $12.54 each.

$12.54 -
The color isn't pink but a nice vibrant red!

I love bags, but I don't have enough of them simply because I cannot afford it. But I also love field bags - it makes it so easy to get to what you need!

The Authentic Pigment Canvas Field Bag in Poppy is so roomy! I kid you not - I have a ton of stuff in there right now, and it is holding up very well. The quality is wonderful, and I love the little turn-buckles. Though the website showed the color being a little darker than it actually is, the color is still very vibrant and if I ever decide to do a steampunk DIY to it (since the turn-buckles remind me of steampunk), it is still a perfect color. It also has a little zipper pouch/pocket inside to keep your small stuff safe without the fear of losing it!

Affordable and a great bag? What more can a woman ask for?!

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