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Get the natural taste of #ReedsGinger Brews! {+ Cocktail Recipe}

Somehow, I grew up loving ginger ale. Even ask a kid, I loved the taste of a good ol' ginger ale. But nowadays, a lot of ginger ale sodas are all sugar and no ginger!

Reed's Ginger Brews' passion for ginger allowed them to revive a unique ginger brewing process that predates modern soft drink technology. They brew using the finest fresh ginger root, fruit juices, spices, and herbs. Their ginger brews are made with natural ingredients to ensure a natural taste. Their Ginger Brews come in 6 delicious flavors including Original Ginger Brew, Extra Ginger Brew, Premium Ginger Brew, Raspberry Ginger Brew, Cherry Ginger Brew, and Spiced Apple Ginger Brew.

Since ginger is the name of their game, Reed's also offers ginger chews, nausea relief, energy elixir, crystallized ginger, and ice cream! (For those not a fan of ginger brews, they have Virgil's Root Bear, Sonoma Sparkler, Culture Club Kombucha, Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, and China Cola available).

I don't know about you, but ginger ice cream sounds intriguing and delicious!

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You can buy Reed's Ginger Brews through their shop or use their store locator for a retailer near you.

WHAT I THOUGHT (And cocktail recipe!)
like I said, I am a big ginger ale fan. I rarely drink sodas like Dr Pepper and when I do, I can't drink the whole thing. So when I am really craving that soda taste, I reach for a ginger ale. But who wants to drink a bunch of sugar a little teeny bit of ginger? So you better believe I was ready to see if Reed's Ginger Brews were up the challenge. Verdict? They surpass any other ginger soda I've had!

Why? You can actually taste the ginger. The Extra Ginger Brew was my favorite. The extra ginger made for a unique soda experience. And not to mention that ginger sodas are a lot better for your upset tummy than the lemon/lime sodas. I even drank the Spiced Apple Ginger Brew the next day before I wanted to try it so badly. It tastes A LOT better cold. Either way, I think I love Reed's Ginger Brew! It has replaced my former brand of ginger sodas.

Okay, everyone ready for the cocktail recipe? I know you are!

I know the orange is HUGE! That was all my local grocery store had.

Red Wine & Ginger Brew Fizz

  • 4 orange slices or segments
  • 5/8 cup chilled light red wine (I used Barefoot Moscato at 9%)
  • 1/2 cup chilled Reed's Ginger Brew
  • 1 large tumbler
  • Optional: Ice
How to make it:
  1. Place 4 orange slices or segments into the bottom of a large tumbler glass.
  2. Pour in 5/8 cup of chilled light red wine.
  3. Pour in 1/2 cup of chilled Reed's Ginger Brew. Do not stir.
  4. Ice is optional, but you can put the ice in after you pour in the ginger brew.
This bad boy was tasty and loved the fizzied orange pieces!

NOTES: I couldn't find the tumblers so I had to use a champagne flute. I accidentally added a little more wine that I should have, so don't be surprised if your version comes out lighter. It's supposed to be light! You can also add as much wine or ginger brew as you need to, depending on taste.

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