Jan 31, 2015

MAJOR Swagbucks news!

I know we haven't posted about Swagbucks in a long time. The short answer is that after the holidays, I had Swagbucks burn-out and couldn't even think about visiting them for a few weeks.

Now that I have have recovered from the burn-out, I have some big Swagbucks news about the Rewards Store!

Remember when you had to save up 2500 Swag Bucks just to get a $25 gift card? Oh man, that took forever! Twin always seemed to rack up more Swag Bucks than I could, and she always made it to - or even exceeded - 2500. Talk about sibling jealousy!

Anyways, you no longer have to wait until you reach 2500 Swag Bucks to get a $25 gift card. Starting March 2nd, you will be able to redeem 2,200 Swag Bucks for one(1) $25 gift card of your choice once a month! (This doesn't include Paypal or gas cards. Sorry.)

They are also offering a $3 Amazon gift card for only 300 Swag Bucks! They have also upped the price of the $5 Amazon card from 450 to 500 Swag Bucks. It's kind of a bummer because I kind of relied on those Amazon gift cards last Christmas when I didn't have 500 but really needed that extra $5. But then again, it would be cheaper to get two $3 Amazon gift cards and end up with an extra $1!

With all of this great news, I feel a shopping spree coming on!

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks, sign up now! (It well worth it - trust me!)

By the way, how often do you use Swagbucks?

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