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Star Wars Snowflakes

Scout Trooper
Since we have Star Wars fans in the family (Twin & Dad), it seemed fitting to cut out some Star Wars snowflakes. Templates can be found here.

We don't own an Exacto knife yet, so we all had to choose a template that was easy to cut with cross-stitch scissors and regular scissors. I chose Scout Trooper (which Twin informed me was different from a Storm Trooper), Mom chose Imperial Royal Guard, and Twin had originally chosen the Ewok.
Imperial Royal Guard by Mom
Mom finished her Imperial Royal Guard first, and I had finished my Scout Trooper next (minus a few lines I had missed on his helmet). Twin tried to cut the Ewok but without an Exacto knife, ears were cut in half and the little pieces seemed impossible. So she pretty much trashed that and printed out Darth Vader. It came out much better!
Twin's Darth Vader
If you are wanting to attempt this yourself, I suggest cutting it as you watch the tutorial video. It will definitely save a lot of time and confusion. We aren't completely sure if we want to hang them on the tree or in a window. What do you think?


  1. Those are so stinking cute! My family are self-proclaimed Geeks, so this is right up our alley. Off to download the templates to see what other crafts they can be used for. Thanks!

  2. wow my grandsons would like to do this:) ty 4 the posting the idea:)

  3. These are so cute! I love them!! My hubby, who loves Star Wars, would get a kick out of these.

  4. This is pretty nice for the kids


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