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What to expect in 2014!

I know it is weird to be talking about 2014 when I haven't even made a Christmas tradition post! But I just wanted to give everyone a head's up because we are making big changes to Edge of Insanity!

Starting January 1st on all new giveaways, all mandatory comments must be 1-2 sentences long. Google thinks that comments with only 1 or 2 words are spam, and sometimes aren't even posted. So if you posted a comment for a giveaway and don't see it once a few days had passed, Google most likely deleted it and I didn't even see it.

We will also be featuring a weekly reader question. Every week, a reader (That's you!) can submit a question about anything and we will let other readers answer the question! So let's assume someone submits a question about food substitutions. Others can chime in on what they use in place of onions, garlic, etc. If your question was chosen that week, we'll e-mail to let you know.

We'll try to feature more recipe, DIY, and craft posts. We're working on recipes right now for rice krispy treats and popcorns balls. As soon as it is made and the recipes perfected, we will post them.

A lot of you have mentioned that the blog is sort of hard to navigate. While we love the look of Edge of Insanity, we will install a few things to make it more easier for you to go through the pages and posts. You may have noticed a few new things right now!

We are also going to work on non-sponsored giveaways. That was my plan this year, but because my father lost his job, we had to tighten the budget to just essentials. But I plan on 2014 being a much better year where I can finally do my own giveaways. What is something you would like to see?

While we will still post deals, ways to save money, reviews, and giveaways (like we have always done), these changes are meant to cater to our beautiful readers and make your stay at Edge of Insanity an exciting one!

Which change do you like the most?

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