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Zombie-Opoly - When Monopoly and zombies collide.

I received Zombie-Opoly from Late For The Sky games to facilitate this review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Zombie-Opoly game

I'm a gamer - board games and video games, you name it. Granted, I'm not a hardcore gamer like some of my friends, but I love gaming. It makes my little geeky heart squeal with happiness. Plus, I'm a little competitive, depending on who I'm playing with (or against). But I learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to competitiveness when you play against a very good friend (a hardcore gamer called L.C.) and your twin sister.

The three of us, thanks to Late For The Sky Games, were able to try out Zombie-Opoly. What exactly is Zombie-Opoly? Think of Monopoly but with zombies. We like zombies so we were intrigued.

 Here's a quick run-down of game:

Player pieces (6) - a shovel, Severed Ear, Femur Bone, Lethal Weapon, Zombie Boy and a Human Remnant
Zombie-Opoly player pieces
These are not all the player pieces. Just the ones we chose for our game.

Properties - Properties have a zombie-theme like The Horde (also known as Boardwalk in Monopoly) or Goodbye Kitty (also known as Mediterranean Avenue). These are interesting! They include interesting facts and cute little jokes on the back.
Zombie-Opoly deed

Houses/Hotels - Houses are Boxes of Flesh and Hotels are Screaming Humans.

Play Cards - What would be Community Chest and Chance are now Stagger and Crawl. They're a lot like Monopoly play cards, except there is one card that kind of takes the game a little further.
L.C. had no problem doing a "zombie walk". (We were at a public board gaming place and the last thing you want is to be crawling around on the floor. We may upload the video at a later time!)

Time - You can play the normal version or an hour version.

It plays just like Monopoly. The only difference is that it is zombies and maybe a little more fun. (See "Crawl" card above.)

Most Monopoly games can go on forever, unless one person has a very good strategy. We all started out as we normally would, but within 30 minutes, my sister and I realized that it was going to get extremely competitive. About 45 minutes to an hour in, I was the first person out, with L.C. being the person who took me down. It didn't take long for the realization to sink in that L.C. knew what he was doing. About 30 minutes later, he had an empire near the "Shamble to Buried" (also known as Go To Jail), which eventually took out my sister, declaring L.C. the winner.

The only problem we saw was that because of the design of the game board, it made it sometimes difficult to see the silver player pieces.

Other than that, it was fun and if you love zombies, Zombie-Opoly might be the game for you.

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