Sep 30, 2016

Weight Loss Journey: Why I Started Running

Losing weight this year was my main goal. I was tired of being overweight, feeling tired all the time, and just not being all that healthy overall.

So I started walking with my dad. We would walk a mile or two, and after a while, I started losing weight. I started eating better, and I had a little more energy.

August came and I realized that walking wasn't enough for me. I wanted to get healthier. I started jogging. Because I hadn't built up a lot of stamina yet, I couldn't jog for long. But I would jog every couple of days. As I started to jog more often, I realized I was getting addicted to it. So I started to push my limits. I would do what I call "half-strides" - not complete full sprints and not quite jogging. I even created a playlist for my walk/run intervals.

One day, I was looking for songs to add to my playlist when I came across The Animal by Disturbed. The minute I heard it, I knew it would become my official running song. That day, I was did nothing but half-strides and full sprints. It put me into beast mode. I started running every day because I felt so good afterwards. It made me feel like I was making a difference in my health.

Before running & after I started running

I ended up losing much more weight than I expected. I am much more healthier than I've been in a long time.

I started running because it allowed me to pound out stress and relax. I started running because it's fun. I started running because I cared about my health.

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