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How to Get The Most Out of Dealspotr

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The holidays are quickly coming up and that means a lot of people are going to be looking for deals so they can get more bang for their buck. They will mostly be heading to deal & coupons websites to see which one has the best deals on what they're searching for.

If you're looking for customization and a deal feed personalized to your preferences, Dealspotr is your best bet.

What is Dealspotr? It's more than just your average place to find deals and coupons. While you can submit coupons and deals on just almost every deal website, what makes Dealspotr unique is that you earn points for posting deals, validating deals, spotting deals, completing your daily checklist, and referrals towards an Amazon gift card.

How can you make it work for so you get the best deals?

When you sign up, be sure to personalize your feed, whether you subscribe to brands, topical interests, or community members. (Don't forget to become a subscriber of mine!). This will allow you see what deals you are interested in.

Post deals you see that you think will be of interest to other members. It will help you not only earn points, but the higher your validity score, the more points you earn for posting and spotting deals on Dealspotr.
How to spot a deal on Dealspotr
A fun feature of Dealspotr is Spotting Deals. If you think a deal on Dealspotr will become popular ("Hot" or "On Fire") early on, you click the button. Those who spot a deal that eventually becomes popular earlier, the more points earned. Even if it does become popular and you spot it afterwards, you will still earn points but it will be less than early spotters.

The more you interact with Dealspotr, the more points you earn. Every time you had a 10,000 point threshold, you can exchange your points for a gift card.

Do you use deal & coupon websites during the holiday season? Have you tried Dealspotr yet?

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