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New Series Coming This Fall!

Couples (married, engaged, or just dating) like to take road trips together. It's a good way to find out who's better at directions and it's so much fun!

So this fall, I have decided to roll out a 2-week series called "Fun Dates on Road Trips"! Twice a week, I will post date ideas depending on the type adventure you're taking. I won't go by city or state because being a Texan, there is still a big swath of the state I have yet to discover so it wouldn't be very helpful for either of us.

So for example, let's say you and your sweetheart are heading to a historical city but you're not sure what you want to do. I would suggest eating at a place that is not only part of the history, but can tell you more about it. In search of as something where you can go completely nerdy? Find an area that has been featured in movies or even go play laser tag!

In fact, a friend and I will be heading to Dallas this fall and I am hoping to plan a full day of fun that doesn't require going to the touristy areas. I already have a few ideas, but it all depends on when we actually go, as Dallas tends to have different things going on during the fall and winter than any other season.

We're also looking for fun places to eat! For my fellow Texans, do you have any suggestions?

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