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Hey, It's Okay!

Last time on "Hey, It's Okay", we talked about movies, laundry, and total geekiness. This time, we're still going to go a bit geeky but not totally.

What is perfectly a-ok with me this time?

It's okay...

... To hurt your wrist going to play Pokemon Go. (I was walking onto a curb when part of it crumbled under my foot, and to keep myself from completely falling to the ground, I put out my right hand. Well, it may not be 100% okay to hurt yourself, but my wrist is okay, if that counts.)

... To get excited when a t-shirt you've been expecting comes in, and you put it on the minute you have it in your hands.

... To get feel happy when you get a new phone just because someone cared enough to buy you one when your current one was on its last legs.

... To be tired of rain after 3 days straight.

... To go fishing late at night after already putting on your jammies. (When my friend said he was going fishing at 11pm and I jokingly told him to take me, he said sure and you better believe I changed so I could go!)

What's not bothering you this week that normally would?

1 comment:

  1. Ouch, sorry about your wrist!

    Nice shirt!!

    We've had a lot of rain too :/


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