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My geeky wardrobe is complete! #TextualTees

I was not compensated for this post. I received KEEP CALM & DON'T BLINK and I WANT YOU FOR THE EMPIRE t-shirts to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Never Trust An Atom They Make Up Everything
Last week, I posted about geeky outfit ideas to end your summer. I forgot to mention that fandom t-shirts are my go-to clothing for showing how proud of a geek and  a nerd I am. I have owned Karate Kid, Star Wars, Revenge of the Nerds, and tons of other fandom-related t-shirts over the years. (Yes, I wear my geekiness where everyone can see it!)

But if you want high-quality geeky and humorous t-shirts that aren't super expensive, you have to check out Textual Tees! They have tons of shirts where you can indulge into what makes your funny or geeky bone happy.

For those that are into gaming, you might be interested to know that they have Pokemon Go t-shirts! Are you on Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct? (I'm Team Valor, by the way.) Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, and plenty of other game references are available.

Team Valor T-Shirt
Favorite movies, shows, and games get turned into funny parodies with their Pop Culture section. Minions around a TARDIS? Uh, yes, please!

What makes Textual Tees a great place to get all your geeky, nerdy, and funny t-shirts is that most start at only $6! I kid you not. You can stock up on all of your favorite fandoms for a fraction of the price you might find other places. (Hoodies and other non-tshirt items may cost more.)

So if you're looking for totally nerdy t-shirts that won't break the bank, be sure to head on over to Textual Tees. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

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You can purchase Keep Calm And Don't Blink and I Want YOU For The Empire starting at $6.


Just to warn you, I am a major Whovian. In fact, me and a friend of mine will either have Whovian nerd-offs or talk about Doctor Who often. I have lots of Doctor Who stuff, but I didn't have a Who t-shirt. So when I found out that I would be working with Textual Tees, I knew the first shirt I would choose would be a Doctor Who t-shirt.

I chose Keep Calm & Don't Blink, since The Weeping Angels happen to be one of the most feared Doctor Who monsters. (Here's more information for those don't know about it.) The t-shirt is so soft and comfortable. It fits absolutely perfectly, and falls just below my hips. The printing is so high-quality, it won't be fading for a while. Plus, there are a lot of Whovians in my area, and I've been stopped once so far to talk about Doctor Who.

I was also to choose another shirt, and since I love Star Wars (thanks to growing up on the originals), I Want YOU For The Empire seemed like a logical decision. Once again, it was so soft and comfortable. The imaging is GREAT! Darth Vader looks great, doesn't it? At the convenience store, one guy asked for an application to join. Who knew the Dark Side was so popular in my town?

I plan on getting a lot more, since I need more Doctor Who shirts, and I've been eyeing that Team Valor t-shirt.

Do you wear geeky shirts? What's your favorite one to wear?

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