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Show your #TexasPride with Purex Fresh Bluebonnet detergent! {Giveaway - Texas}

I received a FREE product to facilitate this review. All thoughts/opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

There are Bluebonnets in a field across the street.

Springtime is Texas is probably one of my favorite things about being a Texan. The pretty wildflowers, the storms, and all the beautiful birds I didn't get to see over the winter have come out of their homes. It's a magical time. If you ever get the chance to visit Texas, I suggest you try coming down during spring. 

But let's focus on the wildflowers this time. Even if you've driven through Texas, you've probably noticed fields and the highways are filled with the stunning blue flowers called Bluebonnets. Purex knows what I'm talking about.

They have a new detergent called Purex Fresh Bluebonnet detergent, formulated to combine a powerful clean with a fragrance even a Texan will love. Purex Fresh Bluebonnet's scent commemorates our Texas state flower. (If you want more information the Bluebonnet and it's history, this is a great reference!)

Purex Fresh Bluebonnet is only available in Texas and at participating H-E-B stores. (But I imagine that if you live in Texas and have an H-E-B nearby, you can probably find it.)

You can purchase Purex Fresh Bluebonnet detergent at participating H-E-B stores in Texas.

Bluebonnets. If you've never smelled a Bluebonnet, it's a sweet-smelling scent that you can smell even a few feet away from the blue beauties. True, it's not like smell a rose, but there is nothing like sniffing a Texas wildflower.

So I was excited to give Purex Fresh Bluebonnet a try, and let me tell you - my clothes smell so good. I've never used a detergent that made me want to get out into the Texas fields of flowers and sit, just listening to nature and looking at all the glory that the field has to offer.

But you probably also want to know if it the Dirt Lift Action does it's job. Yes, yes it does. I made the mistake of planting Impatiens in a brand new gray t-shirt, and ended up getting dirt and soil all over it. Not only did Purex Fresh Bluebonnet lift the dirt, it kept the color nice and bright! Some dirt lifting detergents kind of make the color fade, but not this time! I can go back to digging in the dirt without worrying if I can get the stain out or if the color will fade in the wash. (Sorry - not planting Bluebonnets this year.)

I want our Texas fans to have the chance to appreciate Purex Fresh Bluebonnet detergent like we do, so two(2) winners will each receive a Purex Fresh Bluebonnet FREE product coupon! TEXAS RESIDENTS ONLY. MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A H-E-B STORE. Enter below. Good luck!


  1. My son has to travel to Austin often for work and he says it's a very nice city.

  2. I have only been to Texas once-to Denton, where I saw some very nice wineries.

  3. Oops, please remove my entries I saw it's only for TX residents after I already did a few. Sorry!


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