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How powerful is your influence? Sometimes it's hard to tell, but you can always grow your influence, right?

Sverve is a great platform for social media influencers to build their profile and get noticed by brands, marketers and users. By signing up, you get to specify which areas of influence you want to be endorsed in, what campaigns you want to participate in, and which brands you want to build a relationship with.
Sverve endorsements and score.
A look at scores and endorsements.

You also get to improve your influence score, which is determined by 3 factors: social influence (followers, engagement, etc.), blog influence (your stats), and your Sverve influence (endorsements). What's unique about the Sverve influence is that it is based on what you are endorsed for from followers and users. The more endorsements you get, the higher your Sverve influence.

When applying for campaigns, this influence score is almost always looked at to determine if you would be a good fit for the program. Another deciding fact is your areas of influence - a food blogger is usually not what a home decor campaign is looking for.
Sverve campaigns.
Notice the yellow and orange dots? That helps you keep track of what you're doing!

Speaking of campaigns, that is another wonderful feature of Sverve that I love! Right now, there are 4 different categories for influencers to apply for: Sponsored Posts & Affiliate, YouTube, Pinterest Sweepstakes, and Targeted Tweets. What I love about the campaigns is that you get paid one way or another: through actual payment for each post, tweet, or video you send out or through commission, if you are approved for an affiliate program.

While it isn't a lot, I have made about $15 since I've started Sverve and due to cash out another $5 soon. It's not a big money maker, but well worth the time.

If you are having trouble getting campaigns to sign up for, keep in mind that they only allow you to see campaigns that match your profile so you're not bothered by campaigns that don't suit your blog. For more in-depth information on Sverve, I suggest checking out their Influencer FAQ.

Now, I highly suggest signing up for Sverve because more and more brands are looking at Sverve scores - along with others - to see if bloggers would be a good fit for their programs.

If you do sign up, be sure to follow me and I'll follow you back!

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