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Moms deserve a break. #Chobani #BreakYouMake

Did you know that everyone deserves a break from their daily routine? It's true! With National Break You Make Day on June 3rd in honor of Chobani Flips, Chobani wants to know - who do you think deserves that much needed break?

It only took me a few minutes to think of the one person who deserves a break, especially after the rough year she's had. While this might be completely biased, I know my mother deserves a break more than I do. I could say that she is the best mother on the face of the earth, and that she shows us unconditional love. While I believe that to be true, it's not reason I wanted to honor my mother.

Our whole family many years ago on at a friend's house.

If you're a long-time follower of Edge of Insanity, you know I had a medical emergency a few weeks ago because I had a severe reaction to hair dye. In fact, I had to make 2 separate trips to the emergency room because of it. During those scary times, her faith in my getting helped never waived. Even when I brought home the flu from the emergency room and she ended up very sick, she always made sure I was okay. Then came that fateful day where we noticed she had a severe infection in her right leg, and rushed her to the hospital. The news we got was much worse that we had expected - she also had a blood clot in her right lung. She was going to be admitted.

For those 4 days she was in the hospital, she called constantly because she was more worried about us. Even in her hospital room, when she was supposed to be resting, she wanted to make sure everything was okay at home. When she came home, she was told to rest as much as possible but would do some housework every day. I kept telling her, "Mom, you have to rest! You're not going to get better if you over-do it!". You know what she would tell me? "Angela, I just can't sit and do nothing. Who else is going to take care of you and Amanda?".

I know being a mother has its ups and downs, but even after having a hard life and many medical problems, she continues to do what needs to be done even when she can't physically do it. I swear she deserves a medal!

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