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How to Decorate for the Holidays (On a Budget)

Every year on Thanksgiving night (if we aren't out at Nature in Lights), my family will drag out the Christmas tree, ornaments, and lights so we can decorate the tree while either watching a Christmas movie or listening to Christmas tunes. But it seems that every year, we find something new we need to replace.

Let's face it - constantly buying new sets of lights, tons of ornaments, and garland can add up really quickly. So how can you make the house seem festive without spending tons and tons of money? Here are some of the things I do, which might necessarily be of the "norm", but they work!

This year, I need an extra set of lights. But we just don't have the money, so what Twin and I did was take an hour so ad take the lights off our old pre-lit 6' tree (that we will no longer use), and decided to use those instead. So if you're strapped for cash but need another set, don't forget about old pre-lit trees you aren't using! And if you're really in a bind, don't totally discount net lights!

Instead of buying tons and tons of ornaments, head on over to Dollar Tree and grab a couple of what I call "tree stuffers". "Tree stuffers" are generally tree picks and clips. But at Dollar Tree, they are only $1 each! They add something to a bare spot and can look lovely if added to certain spots (and not just added willy-nilly).

If your favorite nutcracker or decor piece is missing something (like your Rudolph plush is missing his red button nose), feel free to supplement something for that missing piece. Find a nice round pompom and glue it to Rudolph until you can his nose. But if you're wanting to add to your snowglobe collection, check out antique or thrift shops. These are the times they bring out their best holiday decor and you could possibly score one heck of a deal! True, it may take going from store to store to find something you're looking for, but the reward will be worth it. Garage sales may also have used Christmas decor. But I would suggest checking from broken pieces or rusty lights before you buy.
You could always do this!

When it comes to decorating outside, remember- sometimes less is more! Yes, everyone uses solar but I can't afford solar this year. So If you don't want to generate a lot of electricity for lights, Decorate a couple of bushes. Decorate a trellis. You can even just put up a lighted wreath and call it a day. We have a Snoopy outdoor light stand-up and next to my lighted wreath, I think that will be the only 2 outdoor light displays we use this year.

Don't forget that you can always make your own ornaments, wreaths, and even garland! It won't cost as much as if you were to buy retail, and all it would take is a little of your time. Oh, and don't forget that paper snowflakes (even made from cardstock) are still wonderful!

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  1. I love the Dollar Tree. They have so many affordable Christmas decorations.


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