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Losing weight is hard work. Not only does it take having a lot of willpower, it also means watching what you eat or drink. It is no secret that I have an enormous sweet tooth, especially when it comes to my drinks. I like my tea extra sweet and my Dr Pepper really delicious. But I also occasionally crave milkshakes, which aren't exactly healthy for you.

I was able to kind of tame my sweet tooth with Shake the Crave. So what is Shake the Crave? I personally call it my non-diet shake, since it really doesn't taste like a diet shake, but like a milkshake made for all diets. It is meant to make you feel good, have a little more energy, and it made with 100% PURE ingredients! Now that is what I call yummy.

How did it really taste? I have had Slimfast and Atkins and while they're good, you know you're drinking a diet shake. It just has that protein taste, which isn't a favorite of mine. With Shake the Crave, it still had a small protein taste, but it mostly tasted like a milkshake. I mean, what more can you ask for?

Oh, and it did make my day. Gave me a little more energy (especially since it was late afternoon and I ready for a nap) and filled me up. It also took away any craving I had for chocolate or milkshakes. Now, you're supposed to use a blender but since we don't have one, I just dumped everything in an insulated tumbler and shook until my arms were ready to fall off. Verdict? It still came out delicious.

My favorite was the vanilla, by the way!

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