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A LOT of news to take in! I can't handle it!!

I know I said that the last post saving my final goodbye would be, well, my final post but I have some updates that I must address.

1. Our landlord has accepted a proposal we sent, so we can stay as long as we keep our end of the bargain. When we found out, I think I cried hysterically for 5 minutes straight. When you're THAT stressed and you find out good news, you gotta let out the emotions. Sorry family!

2. I will NOT becoming back to Edge of Insanity. Sad, I know. But because of everything, I do not feel I can return and act like nothing happened. I have changed, and so will everything else. Plus my mom's health is deteriorating and right now, she needs me more.

Instead, I have opted to blog at my sister's blog, The Geeky Nutcase. If you want geeky, fun, and anxiety-filled posts, feel free to hop on over and say hi! If you say you were a follower of Edge of Insanity, you get extra brownie points. You can't turn them in for anything, but it'll be fun to know that my lovely followers have joined me in geeky fun!

3. I am now talking to someone that may develop into something much more. We stopped talking for a while because we had our own lives going on, but we have rekindled the love we once had.

I think that is it for right now. I will keep the blog public so in case you want to find an old post that is helpful, but it will no longer be updated and I have deleted my Facebook page since it won't be relevant or even updated.

Thanks for understanding and being there!

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  1. Waving bye bye..........sending you good wishes and positive vibes.....<3


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