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Weight-Loss Through Lean Times

Weightloss During Lean Times

No, that wasn't an intentional pun. Pretty neat though. Anyways, losing weight when financial times are difficult is never easy. You need food to fuel your body for weight loss, but when you're having financial problems, it takes more than willpower to continue the fight.

I won't lie- I have been yo-yo-ing these past few months. One month, I will lose weight. The next month, I will gain a few pounds. When my family was facing eviction, I think I lost up to almost 10 pounds because I wasn't eating, only grabbing a handful of bran cereal here and a grilled cheese there. I just wasn't hungry, and the thought of eating made me feel even more sick to my stomach. Stress is a funny thing. When my mom or sister is stressed, they want to eat. I am the complete opposite. When I am stressed, food holds no appeal to me (unless it's chocolate).

Now that we were allowed to stay, my appetite for food has returned, but the lean times are upon us, and losing weight has never been harder. Food isn't scarce, but we are trying to live on what groceries we buy for a week or two. For someone trying to lose weight, you might as well throw a steak in front me. Since I am not eating as much, my metabolism has slowed down. But I still manage to lose at least a pound a week. How?

1. I drink more tea and water. I hardly drink soda. I tend to gain water weight VERY easily so as long as I clean out my system, I know I can keep at least my water weight in check.

2. I am exercising more. "M" (a very good friend) has been going to a gym since the first of the year, and has asked me to go as his guest. Though I haven't yet (it's a self-confidence thing), it has motivated me to do some exercise at home, even if it's just some of the ideas I find on Pinterest.

3. I don't eat huge meals anymore. It just makes me feel bloated. I will eat several smaller meals during the day. I stay fuller longer, and won't be tempted to sneak a snack. Oh, and because I have a GERD, I do NOT eat after 7.

4.. Motivation is a biggie for me. Wanting to lose weight, be healthier, and look nice when I turn 30 in December is what is motivating me. Of course, wanting to be healthier is #1.

I may not lose weight as fast when food was readily available to fuel my body, but I know I still can.

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog and you seem like you are doing some great things in a down-to-earth way. I love your approach and good luck with your weight-loss journey during the lean times. You show that it really can be done!


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