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My Pinterest Fail!

Pinterest is addicting, especially if you plan on making something you evidently pinned. This past Holiday season, we tried to make the Classic Oreo Icebox Dessert that Twin had found on Pinterest from another website. For some reason, we didn't think to double check the recipe, and we later found out the the other website left out the cream cheese. So we pretty much just had pudding with whipped topping. No big deal, right?

We tried it again this past week, and we made sure we had the original recipe from The Kitchen Is My Playground. We started putting it together and thought we could get away with chilling everything, like the recipe says. Well, we don't own a wisk (for reasons beyond me) so the pudding came out lumpy. I thought it wouldn't make a big difference. So we assembled the dessert and let it sit in there for almost 24 hours.

I don't know what went wrong, but the pudding didn't set up at all. It was like it had just been made, minus the lumps. I cut into it and the pudding starts sort of running. Luckily we had bowls. It was still delicious. But didn't resemble dessert at all. It was more like the cheesecake filling with Oreos, pudding, and whipped topping.

I think next time we do it, we might make everything the day before (so everything can set up) and then assemble it the next day. I don't have a picture because it just looked weird.

I do plan on doing a few Pinterest-famous crafts this Holiday season. Here's the hoping those aren't a Pinterest fail either!


  1. Aww sad. But glad it still tasted good

  2. I am really surprised you have no whisk. I don't even cook and I have a whisk ;)

    Glad it tasted well. I've learned to check for several variation of the recipe on Pinterest before I try it. And if I pin it I like to leave instructions that might not be apparent.


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