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Blogging 201: The Perfect Pitch Letter

Having the perfect pitch letter when it comes to contacting companies and PR reps for review opportunities can mean a "yes" or a "no". I know that when I first started contacting, my pitch letter was choppy and maybe a little confusing. I got a lot more rejections than I did an opportunity. So I decided to figure out why my pitch letter was bad and I realized that it didn't mention what my blog is about, my readership, and what was in it
for the company.

So exactly should go in your pitch letter?
  1. Make it personalized to each company and not sound like a cookie cutter letter. According to Blessings Abound Mommy, nothing turns a PR rep off more than a pitch letter that sounds like you didn't even get to know the company.
  2. Be sure to write about your blog, readership, and maybe a little bit about yourself. It helps the PR rep decide whether your blog is a good fit for them or not. 
  3. Make sure you include your stats or at least a media kit. Not every blog has a media kit, and that is okay. Be keep your stats in an spreadsheet updated, in case you are asked. But be honest! 
  4. Let them know that if you are approved, what the timeframe for the review and/or giveaway will be. 2 weeks? 1 week? Some companies have a set schedule for reviews and giveaway so if you let the know your turnaround for reviews is, they may be able to work around that.
  5. Don't make it a novel but at least include more than 4 sentences. PR reps don't want to have to read several pages about your blog to find out what you want, but if you make it super short, PR reps will have no idea what your blog is about and if you're a good fit! 
  6. Don't make it seem you are just fishing for free products. That's a good way to NOT get approval! Be genuinely interested in their company and product.
In need of a template? Still Blonde After All These Years has plenty of templates for you to tweak and make your own!

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What do your pitch letter look like?

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