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Worry Box Craft (via The Geeky Nutcase)!

Photos courtesy of The Geeky Nutcase.
NOTE: All photos are courtesy of The Geeky Nutcase, my twin sister's blog as she goes through life with anxiety.

Back on February 4th, I posted how that Twin would be making a Worry Box to help her with her anxiety. This past week, we bought the items to make the worry box and it only cost less than $15! Here is what you need (and what we bought, just in case you need prices):

1 Photo Storage box (We got it on sale at Michael's for only about $2)
1 bottle of Tacky Glue ($1.50)
1 package of Tim Holtz Timepieces Clock Faces (5-piece for $3.99)
1 package of antique keys (5-piece for $3.99)
1 package of letter stickers (I can't remember what the brand was for $2)

Total= $13.50

Now Twin loves steampunk and that is the theme she wanted to go with because it's something she enjoys. But you can embellish your box however you want. If it's for the children, let them embellish it with their favorite stickers or even handprints.

Here's the howto:
1. Gather all of your items. Be sure that you have all the items you'll need with you so you can move them around (before you glue) so you can find a design that you like.

2. Glue your items to the box using the Tacky Glue. Children may need supervision.
3. Arrange the stickers to say "Worry Box" however you want. Since this was a steampunk design, we didn't want the words to appear too fluid.

4. Let it dry for a few hours or overnight.

5. Enjoy your Worry Box!

If you or even the kids start to worry about something, write it down and place it in the Worry Box. At the end of the month or even the year, go through the Worry Box and think about those things that worried you. It is also great for those who suffer anxiety as you are able to put your worries from your thoughts into the box and close them up tight.


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