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Everything Doormats Review & Giveaway

I love doormats. I think it says a lot about the house, and who lives there. We've had tons of doormats over the years, but I never found the right one for either a particular season or one that was just fitting for the family.

At Everything Doormats, you have plenty to choose from! If you're a sports fan, they have College Doormats & Rugs with most of the schools available. They also have Professional Sports Mats, including NBA and NFL! Want to bring a smile to your visitors' face? Put a Funny Doormat outside like the Well Butter My Butt Doormat!

If you have a family member in the military, show your support with a Military Doormat! Almost every section of the military is available, including Navy CoastGuard! With a cousin in the Army, I think it's a great way to show your support for your hero!

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, they have At Home & Welcome Mats.With Animal Picture Mats, Sayings, and even Cushion Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats, you are bound to find something that will fit your style and budget.

You can also bring your outdoor mat indoors with a MatMates Cushion Comfort Indoor Tray! Place your doormat into the try and put it in where you stand for long periods of time (i.e. Bathroom sink, kitchen sink, etc.) and it won't slip and slide like traditional rugs! It is also designed to offer a stress-relieving anti-fatigue that can help ease the pain when you're standing for long periods in your home.

 If you're ready to bring the Holidays to do your door, then get a Seasonal & Holiday Doormat! Since Halloween and Christmas are just around the corner (eek!), be sure to pick a few up- they would make great gifts!

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You can purchase the MatMates Cushion Comfort Indoor Tray for $39.99 and Branches of Autumn MatMates for $18.99.

I try to coordinate our doormats depending on the season or Holiday. I feel that it makes visitors feel more welcome when the doormat is warm and fuzzy or humorous towards the season/Holiday. But we haven't really had an Autumn doormat in a while because we would get Halloween doormats as soon as the stores started putting them out. But I figured we could have an Autumn doormat that we could leave out ALL season long!

But I also hate doing dishes because after a while, my feet hurt from standing on that hard floor. So I was happy when the MatMates Cushion Comfort Indoor Tray accompanied my Branches of Autumn MatMates. I was able to place it in front of the sink on the days I had to do the dishes. It definitely made the chore a lot easier! I suffer from arthritis in my right knee and hip, so standing for long periods of time causes me to hurt. After standing on the MatMates Cushion Tray for a while, I didn't hurt as much! I love that it reduced the impact my poor joints usually suffer from. I love that the Branches of Autumn MatMates (which is beautiful, don't you agree?) fits perfectly inside and goes with practically any style! The colors are super vibrant, and while it's heavy duty, its thin enough to move where you need it to.

On days it rains outside, the mat comes in and sits in front of the door (or the sink of "Dish day"). Once the sun comes back out and the porch dries off, it goes back out to welcome visitors. The MatMates Cushion Comfort Indoor Tray and Branches of Autumn MatMates are so comfortable together, Smokie loves laying out and watching the world pass by! Sometimes I'll walk into the kitchen and see her asleep on it. It's a beautiful pair and I will enjoy it for years to come!

Thanks to the great folks at Everything Doormats, one(1) winner will receive their own MatMates Cushion Comfort Indoor Try and Branches of Autumn MatMates!

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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I received FREE products from Everything Doormats to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.

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