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I want to warn everyone about a possibly fake freebie! There has been a freebie floating around about a free apron, pizza cutter, or pasta server from Prestos Pizza on Facebook. After reading numerous complaints, contacting Prestos Pizza, and hearing from readers that they haven't received the items they requested, it has been confirmed as a FAKE freebie! It seems as if their Facebook page is either a fake or has been hacked into. If you are unsure about a freebie you find, and it's not posted here or has been confirmed by the actual company, DO NOT enter your information! Here are some ways to tell if the freebie is a fake:

The website looks dodgy. Now, some companies will actually make a page just for the freebie, but if the link in the URL box does not look right, it is probably a fake.

Numerous complaints. If many people are complaining that they are not getting the freebies requested, even if they were one of the chosen few (i.e.- The company had a set amount of freebies, like 200), then the free item was never available.

It asks for your credit card number and you have never heard of the website. Bloggers, like Edge of Insanity, take the time to make sure every freebie is true by testing it out ourselves or contacting the company. We do not post freebies we unsure of. There are times when a freebie will be live, and we think the freebie is a good one but most of the time, we take it down immediately if the freebie isn't real.

You can't even find the company on Google. If you have searched them through any number of search engines, and can't even find the company on Google, more than likely, it's a fake. NEVER give out your personal information if you can't even find out who the company is.

Doesn't look professional. If the website has tons of Google ads, grammar/spelling errors, or even has the word "free" in the title (like, more than likely, the freebie is a fake as well. Notice how the Free Bobble Head website has no identifying information like contact information or even who the company is or what they're about.

You have to PAY for the freebie. Unless it's shipping from a reputable company (like Easy Canvas Prints, where they require you to pay shipping), you shouldn't have to pay for a freebie. If you do not know the company and you have to pay for shipping through credit card or COD, run away fast! They are likely phishing for CC numbers and information.

Like I said, if you are unsure, it's best to stay away!

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