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The Breastplate: A Civil War Adventure Review

Author: Shirley McCracken
ISBN: 9781432785697
Published: May 2012
Pages: 275

Note: This book was rated and reviewed by Mom. :)

 The Civil War brought them together and it would tear them apart! Beautiful Kitty Claiborne, the pampered daughter of a wealthy senator, fell deeply in love with Lt. William Benson, attaché to President Lincoln. However, she had no idea her life would change so dramatically after they were married. Could her love endure the hardships of life in a remote cabin when, during the war, Will was given an assignment in East Tennessee? And why didn’t her husband tell her his mission when he left her alone for weeks at a time? Was he one of the mysterious Phantom Warriors everyone was talking about? When he was carried home, badly wounded, by a group of strangers, would she be able to smuggle them all through enemy checkpoints to safety? And why did she bury her husband’s breastplate, from his uniform, deep in the soil on their little farm? The Breastplate is the story of the lives and families torn apart by the Civil War, and the courage of one woman as she struggles to keep her love and family intact during such turbulent times.

This is a fictional and also a historical story of America and American lives.Most of which were brought together by chance and war! The main characters, Kitty and Will, show how remaining strong and steadfast- their love can conquer and overcome anything they comes their way- even Civil War! Commitment,friends, and love for fellowman knows no boundaries, even North or South, black or white.

The Phantom Warriors under President Lincoln help to slow down the South with their ghost-like was. This was a very enjoyable book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about the Civil War, America as she is growing and becoming a "melting pot" of anyone searching for a new life. The past and the present are shown how they are always intertwined  with each other. 

Also, keep in mind the number of times the jonquils are dug up to be transplanted!

You can purchase The Breastplate: A Civil War Adventure on Amazon for $14.95. An e-book version is also available.

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