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OOFOS Review & Giveaway

It’s Summertime, and let’s face it- everyone is wearing flip flops! I’ve seen all kinds of flip flops, including shiny, stylish, graphic, and even flip flops with doggies on them. But after a year or so, your average flip flop gets flat and can no longer offer comfortable foot support.

With OOFOS, you can now wear flip flops with style and comfort! Inventors of the material OOFoam, the technology absorbs shock (to lessen pain), reduces fatigue, and has underfoot support for added comfort.

If you’re a flip flop lover, the OOrginal Thong is a great choice! It is lightweight and even machine washable! Your choices of colors include Fuchsia, Tangerine, Mocha, and Black. As far as sizes, your choices are Women’s (4-11) and Men’s (7-14).

For fans of slides, then you might wanna try the OOahhSlide. It has everything that the OOriginal Thong has, including durability and flexibility. Choices of colors include Mocha and Black. Sizes are pretty much the same as the Ooriginal Thong.

They share the common goal to continually make a positive difference in consumer's lives.

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Old flip flops
I live in flip flops all year- even sometimes into the first of November. The Texas Longhorns flip flops you see in the picture are about 2-3 years old. As you can tell, they’ve gotten flat and even have developed that upward curve after miles of steps. Sure, they’re like an old pair of jeans, but they hurt my feet after a couple hours of wearing them.

So I couldn’t wait to try the OOriginal Thong (in Mocha, of course!). It would definitely be a step up from those flat flip flops. At first glance, they might look a little weird. But when you put them on, you can definitely tell a difference. It’ll take some getting used to because the first time you try them on, it feels like those moon shoes that bounce. LOL I’m not kidding you. I put them on and walked around in the living room for a few minutes because it was just a cool feeling.

OOriginal Thong (Mocha)
One thing you will notice is that your feet and legs no longer feel tired after wearing them all day. I walked around the local library for at least an hour, looking for some books for Mom. Usually my feet would be hurting after 30 minutes in my UT flip flops, but not this time! I also have arthritis in my right knee and hip (from an accident in 2004) and most of the time, old flip flops just make me ache. But since these reduce body impact, I can walk comfortably without any problems.

Another thing I loved was that they were water resistant! Foam flip flops are soaking wet even if you step into a puddle, making it hard to walk and if you don’t dry them like you should, they can get all nasty and icky. I accidentally walked into a puddle (made by Dad) and I didn’t slip or slide all over the place. And if I ever get them dirty, I can even drop them into the washing machine. How many flip flop wearers can say that about their flip flops?

They are oh-so comfortable and now they’re the only pair (unless I really just feel like slipping into that old pair) of flip flops I’m gonna wear this year!

Thanks to the great folks at OOFOS, one(1) winner will receive their own pair of either OOriginal Thong or OOFOS slides!

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I was NOT compensated for this review/giveaway. I was sent a FREE pair of OOriginal Thong from OOFOS to review. All thoughts/opinions are my own.


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