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World's Best Cat Litter Review

No one likes to clean a cat's litter box. It's just.... "ew". But it has to be done. And the odor can be sickening. And if it isn't the "clumping" litter, it's even worse.

World's Best Cat Litter has the benefits of odor control, clumping, and cleanliness. Even better, it is a natural litter- being made from whole-kernel corn! So its safe for you, your pet, and the planet! There is not even a synthetic chemical in the litter.

If you want that ever-so popular clumping formula with outstanding odor control, pick up a bag of their Premium Clumping Cat Litter! Aside from the clumping action and odor control, its easy to scoop and its long lasting! With the formula being quick to clump, it makes clean-up easier!

For households with multiple cats, it has never been easier to take care of their litter box! With their Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter, you can be sure that the World's Best Cat Litter will last longer than your store's generic litter. You can even choose the formula- with or without a fragrance!

For scented litters, it is made with 100% all natural lavender oil, assuring you that the odor of day-to-day use won't waft through each of the rooms in the house. Since all World's Best Cat Litters are made with the whole-kernel corn, the naturally microporous structure keeps nasty odors and smells inside the litter.

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You can purchase World's Best Cat Litter at PetSmart or Petco. Prices may vary. Store Locator

I was able to review the Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter, since we have a few kitties.

At first, it just looks like normal litter. But I noticed a difference after a few uses. There was no obnoxious odor coming from the box. It clumped quickly, making it easier to clean. I chose the non-scented formula because the cats refuse to use a scented litter, but even without the lavender scent, I noticed that the litter box wasn't as stinky as it can be.

I could tell our cats enjoyed the new litter because they would walk by the box just to check it out. And instead of slinging litter to try and cover up their business (I know, gross. Sorry!), they didn't have to do it as much.

I think I will most likely get it again!

I was NOT compensated for this review. I received a FREE bag of Multiple Cat Clumping Litter from World's Best Cat Litter. All thoughts/opinions are mine.

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