Nov 19, 2011

A Special Trip

This Thursday (Yep, Thanksgiving!) we will be going on a special trip. It's a trip we've taken on Thanksgiving before. We've been to the place a total of 2 times, and we enjoyed ourselves both times!

We're actually going to a place called the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (or as we call it in our household- BLORA). All year, only military personnel can have access. But during the Holidays, it is open the public for what is called Nature In Lights. It is over 5 miles of beautiful Christmas light displays, including a wicked tunnel!

They have the Twelve Days of Christmas, which stretches over a mile. Last time, they had reindeer (or were they moose?) sitting in a hot tub. But my favorite has be the "God Bless the USA" display.

I know some would probably think that kids would enjoy it more than adults. But for this family, we all enjoy it! Twin and I have the vans passenger doors open, taking pictures. Mom is pointing out certain displays. We're yelling at Dad to slow down. He tends to have a lead foot. LOL

Afterward, its late and we're all tired. Twin and I are asleep in the back. Mom and Dad are talking up front. But it was well worth it.

Does your family have any special Thanksgiving traditions?

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